Thursday, January 5, 2017

Send in the clown

President Trump rightly describes Chuck Schumer as a clown. Guess what: President Trump is right. The problem is that Chuckles the Clown wishes to obstruct President Trump's Common Sense Agenda which IS the key ingredient in helping to Make America Great Again. If Chuckles wishes to be an obstructionist, then this clown needs to be investigated. In Bill's opinion, Chuckles the Clown's behavior is quite treasonous. It's all anti-American. Here is now a Real Man who re-shaping this once free nation to become free again and clowns like Chuckie Schumer are throwing up roadblocks so that this nation remains shackled to Big Government, only someone like Chavez, Goebbels, Castro or Un would love. Give old Bill here a break! Good night and Amen, Bill

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