Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Report Card for Barack Hussein Obama

Roosevelt urged Bill here to make a report for the failed Hussein Obama years. In Bill’s estimation, these eight years will not be remembered. They will be looked at them like the failed malaise days of Jimmy Carter. So sad. Anyway, here’s Bill’s official Hussein Obama Report Card.

Foreign Policy: F-

They laughed at us. This once-free nation under Hussein Obama made us far weaker than ever in its history. Why? Because America was headed up by an anti-Colonialist who was hell-bent on funneling much-needed dollars for the military over to community organizing programs. For that, folk like Kim, Putin, Ping, Ming, Chavez, Castro and Ahmadinejad all knew that we were weak – which ushered in an unlimited amount of jihadism. The jihadists are now on our soil ready at any given moment to wreak havoc upon America. Going forward WE WILL BE READY, but if we continued the Hussein Obama policies, there is no doubt that America would be physically in peril. Oh, this is the guy who caught and killed Usama? Well, thank the Honorable President George W. Bush who rightly invested trillions into anti-terror measures unseen by any leader before Him. Under The Honorable President Donald J. Trump, WE WILL see a good return to a strong Defense and a better commitment to The War on Terror. Hussein Obama constantly waved the white flag of surrender.

Economy: F-

Hussein Obama boasted about “his” job growth. Again, thank the tough measures of President George W. Bush who enacted low tax policies and very little regulation. Those effects were found in the early part of Hussein Obama’s years after “he” was installed into the Oval Office. The only job$ Hussein Obama created were low paying McJob$. Hussein Obama ballooned the national debt that is more than all presidents combined before “him.” Over 30 million remain unemployed or underemployed all because of Hussein Obama’s anti-growth economic policies. ObamaNomics produced nothing but ObamaDebt.

Health Care: F-

Health care under the United States Constitution is NOT a right, end of argument. Hussein Obama weakly attempted to argue that health care is a right. It’s not because “he” is wrong on so many levels. ObamaCare failed millions and yes, the rightful Republican Congress did everything in its power to end the nasty Big Government program, but finally the failed program will quickly die a rightful death in 2017, thank The Lord Almighty. Thankfully Planned Parenthood, Mediscare, Mediraid and ObamaCare will all die a quick death. Debauchery is at its highest level due to secular progressive na├»ve liberal folk who promoted unlimited amounts of intercourse, drug use and drinking. It all ends on January 20, 2017 when we will see a return to good family values and a Culture of Life.

Anti-Americanism: A+

Hussein Obama served as not only the worst president in American history, but the MOST anti-American president in U.S. History. “He” yelled out for weakening the 2nd Amendment while crime went on unfettered in “his” hometown of Chicago. “He” yelled out for globalism while sending out job$ to China and Mexico. “He” promoted debauchery by urging an anti-family agenda. “He” was more concerned with being a slick celebrity than actually running America. Going forward, we will have the real adults running America – adults who are not looking for the limelight like Hussein Obama did for so many years. Hussein Obama disrespected the Oval Office and decided to hang out with Communist Cuba lovers like Jay-Z and Beyonce. “He” was more focused on being cool rather than acting presidential. Yes, all of that WILL change with The Honorable President Donald J. Trump in charge who WILL restore dignity back to The White House. How did that Hopey Changey thing work out for you all? Hussein Obama increased taxes, regulations and burdened all of us without supplying much-needed relief by giving us our money back like the Honorable President George W. Bush did in early 2001. Hussein Obama was so in the tank with the mainstream media and for that, “he” should have received sanctions, but more importantly, “he” and “his” entire staff should have been rightly escorted to Gitmo for enacting a series of anti-American policies. The Hussein Obama years are going down in history as the biggest disaster every happening on planet Earth. Hussein Obama refused to admit where “he” was really born and refused to disclose that “he” is a Muslim who sat in the pews for years listening to racist Jeremiah Wright, shaking “his” head in agreement. It’s so disgusting! The mainstream media REFUSED to ask the tough questions: What about Jeremiah Wright? What about Father Pfleger? What about Bill Ayres? What about the Chicago Rahm Emanuel Machine!? WHAT ABOUT?

Thankfully, the Hussein Obama years are over. It will take a lot of hard work to quickly undo “his” damage, but Bill here and millions KNOW that it will be quickly forgotten as a Real Man with a Real Gorgeous Woman WILL re-make The White House and Washington as a whole!!!!!! There IS a God and He knows what is right. Surviving the failed Hussein Obama years has made all of us stronger with a strong faith in The Lord Almighty. We are indeed a Judeo-Christian nation that adheres to real democracy!




Thursday, January 5, 2017

Send in the clown

President Trump rightly describes Chuck Schumer as a clown. Guess what: President Trump is right. The problem is that Chuckles the Clown wishes to obstruct President Trump's Common Sense Agenda which IS the key ingredient in helping to Make America Great Again. If Chuckles wishes to be an obstructionist, then this clown needs to be investigated. In Bill's opinion, Chuckles the Clown's behavior is quite treasonous. It's all anti-American. Here is now a Real Man who re-shaping this once free nation to become free again and clowns like Chuckie Schumer are throwing up roadblocks so that this nation remains shackled to Big Government, only someone like Chavez, Goebbels, Castro or Un would love. Give old Bill here a break! Good night and Amen, Bill