Monday, December 12, 2016

Thank the Lord Almighty for Rep. Tom Price

General docs and specialists have gotten out of the business due to the massive regulatory burdens placed upon them by the failed Hussein ObamaCare health care 'program.' This is a program that only Goebbels, Castro, Chavez, Un and Ahmadinejad could only dream of - what with its unbelievable draconian requirements like penalizing folks who don't have the funds to participate. Sorry pals, but that is simply impossible if not un-American and quite dictatorial. The whole thing needs to be imploded and the honorable Representative Thomas Edmunds Price IS the ONLY Real Man who has the fortitude, intellect and passion to completely dismantle the whole illegal, failed idea. For Bill here and millions, this IS a dream come true. Still pals, ask any doctor who has dealt with the system and He will tell you that the whole thing has been a disaster, needs to be forgotten and scrapped and replaced with a true market-based system. Amen, Bill

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