Monday, December 26, 2016

Liberal Gobbledygook

Bill and millions of others KNOW that liberal gobbledygook has been going on since the early portion of the 1960s when yippies from the underground, naive secular progressive "students" on college campuses and "intellectuals" fought God and then got Him kicked out of the public square and from the public screwels. It's been all going downhill ever since that time. America sold Her soul to a cultural devil and a serious sickness known as liberalism. Liberalism has failed all of us at every turn since it was infused into American government. American government NEEDS to be shrunk to its smallest size and God NEEDS to be re-instituted into all of our lives. God is the prescription to all that ails us as a nation and the world. Pals, we NEED to get back to the basics as to what made America great in the first place. Bill and millions KNOW that the only person that WILL make this happen is The Honorable President Donald J. Trump. Amen, Bill 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Thank the Lord Almighty for Rep. Tom Price

General docs and specialists have gotten out of the business due to the massive regulatory burdens placed upon them by the failed Hussein ObamaCare health care 'program.' This is a program that only Goebbels, Castro, Chavez, Un and Ahmadinejad could only dream of - what with its unbelievable draconian requirements like penalizing folks who don't have the funds to participate. Sorry pals, but that is simply impossible if not un-American and quite dictatorial. The whole thing needs to be imploded and the honorable Representative Thomas Edmunds Price IS the ONLY Real Man who has the fortitude, intellect and passion to completely dismantle the whole illegal, failed idea. For Bill here and millions, this IS a dream come true. Still pals, ask any doctor who has dealt with the system and He will tell you that the whole thing has been a disaster, needs to be forgotten and scrapped and replaced with a true market-based system. Amen, Bill

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Russians are Coming, OH MY? Really?

President Trump states flatly that He does not know Putin nor has had any dealing with Him, end of argument. Move along Bernie McFlys, there's nothing to see. So why is the left got their panties in a wad over this Russia thing? They will do anything to produce Weapons of Mass Distraction. But, isn't it a good thing for us to get along with the Russians rather than letting President Putin laugh at us like He has been doing for years what with Hussein Obama 'in charge' performing one blunder after another? Wouldn't it be nice to have nations like Russia respect us and then work with us to extract much-needed energy sources to power our massive economies thereby creating more good paying job$ which in in turn pumps up stock markets and then puts all of us on The Path to Prosperity? Why would any of you liberal McFlys not agree with those Common Sense arguments? Liberalism is a mental disorder no doubt, but Bill sits here still wondering why would anyone want to be out of work while paying higher taxe$ with dollar$ that they do not have? WHY? What is Bill missing here? Please attempt to lay your lame arguments out here so that Bill will bat them down one line at a time. Amen, Bill