Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post Election 2016 thoughts Volume One: Revenge of the Bedwetters

The bottom line is that “expert pollsters” and liberal pundits were blindsided by the Silent Moral Majority throughout most of America. They only listened to themselves in their own little liberal bubbles instead of listening to WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those who have Common Sense only). All one needs to do is look at that big beautiful map of these great states and see how much it is bleeding red. The blues this time out are few and far between. The funny thing here is that President Trump easily won this election. There was hardly any contest here, pals. Folks just wish to be able to exercise their Judeo-Christian beliefs without fear of being shamed by far lefties like Michael Moore; hold good paying job$ without being taxed to death by someone like Nanny Pelosi; build big strong families without Planned Parenthood coming after them; eat what they wish without someone like Mayor Bloomberg telling them not to; drive the truck, SUV or mini-van that one wishes to without interference from some environmental whacko group and alGore; run businesses without having draconian regulations pushed upon oneself by an oppressive government headed by a careless secular progressive like Hussein Obama.

There was an excellent report on FOX News last evening about how the mainstream media unfairly attacks and attempts to stop the Trumpian Agenda – much like they tried to do with the Reagan Agenda even before He rightfully stepped into The Oval Office. Bill and millions of others here couldn’t agree more with the very correct assessment. Of course today, we have far more lefty liberal outlets like the very failed New York Times, the Washington Post, ABCCBSNBCCNNPMSNBC and let’s not forget the very anti-Trump newspaper, the al Jazeera Constitution.
The thing is the mainstream media and Washington Liberal Establishment quickly bum-rushed and attacked President Reagan in the fall of 1980. Just a few months later, President Reagan commanded respect from all of His enemies and had the US government quickly under His control The same scene is repeating right here and now with the honorable President Trump – SAME THING HERE MY PALS!

Already, they are attacking good men who are joining President Trump’s rightful administration from the honorable Steve Bannon to Mister Priebus. Pals, Mister Bannon is a great man who did it all; He’s far from being an anti-Semite like Jimmy Carter. Mister Bannon loves the state of Israel just like Bill and millions here love the Hebrew state. Mister Priebus is amazingly brilliant who banded the rightful Republicans together to easily win this election. Bill here only prays and hopes that His good friend Glenn Beck comes home and accepts this beautiful administration. So the bed-wetters are out in full force, screaming, crying and ranting against this great man. The little crybaby liberal bed-wetters just NEED TO GROW UP and ACCEPT THE FACT that THEIR FAILED PRESIDENT IS NOT GOD and HAS FAILED MILLIONS!!!!!

Oh my and how about that gorgeous Kellyanne Conway? Who is the lucky man who wakes up to that beauty each morning? Oh my Lord is that the luckiest guy on Earth or what? I pray for Miss Kellyanne that She becomes a part of Mister Trump’s cabinet.

Anyway, Bill here prays that first on the agenda is ending ObamaCare as to WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those who have Common Sense only) know it. Then, Bill prays that Roe v Wade is quickly overturned to protect the innocent. Up next, JOBS$!!!!! The only way to create loads of job$ is to cut taxe$, eliminate regulations, End the Fed, shut down the Dept. of Miseducation, exterminate the Dept of Commerce along with the EPA. It’s early morning in America again pals and Bill and millions of others are more than thrilled that WE won and liberals are left in the wilderness dumbfounded. The bottom line is that The Silent Moral Majority is right and the media and their liberal friends in Big Gov’t and elsewhere are wrong.
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