Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations President-elect Donald J. Trump

Just look at Bill’s blog here. Just go back and look. Are you naïve, clueless, lazy McFly secular progressive liberals eating crow or shoving your faces in eggs right now? As Bill has been saying for over 30 years: BILL WHITE IS RIGHT. Sorry, Bill will gloat because Bill has been/is/will be right. America is a conservative country and has been all along. The recent failed Democrat years of Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama are just failed blips in America’s collective history. Those were brief times that the U.S. got Her elections wrong and most likely, those contests were rigged. My pals, history has shown that Big Government DOES NOT WORK! From Lyndon B. Johnson’s very failed Great Society program idea to the malaise days of Jimmy Carter to the horrific years of Bill Clinton who passed the NAFTA disaster, took a vacation from history while “he” had “his” pants down around “his” ankles. Bill Clinton was a nightmare who ruined this nation. Hussein Obama only furthered Clinton’s rotten agenda to a far left radical agenda that nearly put this once-free nation into complete ruin. Today, my secular progressive pals, WE THE PEOPLE have SPOKEN! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! RECONSTRUCTION OF THIS HEAVILY DAMAGED NATION BEGINS NOW! To my clueless liberal pals on here, you need to accept reality, join the rest of us in making this once free nation free again and to help Make America Great Again! You are all either with us or you’re with those who wish to destroy America as we know it. Amen, Bill

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