Monday, October 17, 2016

An Open Letter to the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump

Dear Mister Trump,

My name is Bill Orvis White. Bill here is a North Georgia man who retired to these hills because He doesn’t recognize the nation He lives in any longer. You see Bill is originally from Mississippi and when Bill was there, He ran a very successful plumbing/heating/air/roofing company in Hattiesburg. 

Man, Bill here had it all: good business, great church, gorgeous wife and two boys. Bill’s life went downhill starting in January 2009. Hmm, Mister Trump, you can only guess what started in that awful month. 

Before we all knew it, Bill here was dealing with higher taxes, draconian regulations and ObamaCare. Because of all that, Bill shuttered his business, His wife left Him and He lost his business, house and livelihood. Now Mister Trump, Bill here was a mess when He was younger: there were plenty of nights of drink, drugs and women. That all came to a halt when Bill crashed His truck. That fateful night, Bill was led out of the truck by Jesus. Bill decided then to lead a Christ-centered existence, go back to school and open up a premiere business. 

Mister Trump, Bill had the time of His life, but it all came to an abrupt end, because the American Dream became the American Nightmare due to corrupt, crooked and incompetent Democrat party decisions. 

You are the only one who has the ability to end this madness. It’s a fact. THIS IS WHY YOU’RE RUNNING AND DO NOT FORGET IT! You can easily fix the myriad Democrat-created mistakes and make US FREE AGAIN! Bill and millions are scared to death that Hitlery Clintax WILL continue this once-free nation’s decline into oblivion which we will never return from ever again! 

Mister Trump, keep fighting! Bring our job$ back! Just say “Nyet!” to Red Russia! Tell Communist China to stop their games. Stare down ISIS! Fight for our Second Amendment! Outlaw political correctness. Annoy the media and expand libel laws! Tell the ayatollahs, dictators and thugs that there will be a new sheriff in town come January 2017 - who NEVER BACKS DOWN! Mister Trump, you are Bill’s only hope here. Please delivers us from this nightmare, be proud and stand up to all of this nonsense! 

Amen, Bill