Monday, September 19, 2016


When is this once-free nation going to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CHERRY PIE?! Bill doesn’t want to sit down and attempt to ‘understand them.’ Bill and millions of like-minded pals with Common Sense want TO KILL THEM, pure and simple. It’s high time to stop this ‘lovey-dovey, let’s sit down and think about it’ CRAP! WE KNOW WHERE THESE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS are SO WHY NOT USE ALL THE TOOLS IN OUR ARSENEL TO WRENCH THEM OUT OF THEIR SMELLY HOLES AND QUICKLY KILL THEM! They bomb. They rape. They pillage. They behead. They have no regard to a Culture of Life just like secular progressives on U.S. soil.  The funny thing is that these Islamic Extremists would kill those very secular progressive fools first because this is what Jihad is my pals! Sorry, but Hillary does not understand Jihad just like her old boss Hussein Obama. Little Hussein allowed jihadists to fester for years because ‘he’ feared ‘his’ cousins all this time. THE POINT IS WE NEED TO STOP AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM YESTERDAY! SOLVE IT! The only who can SOLVE IT is the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump. Mister Trump is our only hope at saving American from jihadists who are now storming our soil. Bill here predicted it and every naïve secular progressive laughed. Now that Bill is right as usual, Bill hears crickets from these very useful idiot liberal McFlys. PALS, DO THE RIGHT THING: Stock up on fuels, food and a weapons cache and join the fight to protect America from total ruin. 

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