Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Birther Issue - NOT put to rest!

To this day, Bill here doesn't understand why the rightful so-called "Birther thing" has not become an even larger issue. Is it possible for WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with Common Sense) to properly examine the FACTS and ask the REAL questions? WHY is your 'president' an anti-colonialist? Answer: Anti-colonialism is highly taught in rural Kenya. Who in the world hails from rural Kenya? Answer: Barack Hussein Obama, Senior. What? Yes. Barack Hussein Obama, Senior was a senior governmental economist who was a devout Muslim who was a part of Kenya's anti-colonialist party which had plans connected to a hybrid of communists and jihadists to eradicate capitalism and modernism. Hussein Obama Senior actively taught Hussein Obama Junior these basic anti-American tenets for many years in rural Kenya, Indonesia and finally, Hawaii. It is widely known throughout much of Kenya and many other African countries that Hussein Obama Senior came together with a mixture of those communists and jihadists to produce a child who would be indoctrinated with anti-colonialist thought, but provide the illusion that 'he' would be pro-American while being brought up later in Hawaii and finally on mainland U.S. soil. It is also widely known throughout many circles that Hussein Obama Junior was born in the dead of night in a secret tribal ceremony in Nyangoma, Kogelo, Kenya. Hussein Obama Junior was reported to have shot out of his mother and caught at least 25 feet away in the Kenyan forest. From there, Hussein Obama Junior was sent to many schools including madrassas where anti-colonialism, pro-regulation, pro-taxism, pro-Sharia, anti-Israel/Hebrew teachings were instituted. Hussein Obama Junior excelled so well in those madrassas, 'he' had to be transferred to Indonesia where 'he' mastered the art of the capitalistic illusion by none other than visiting professor Saul Alinksy. Alinsky brought the young Hussein Obama to the mainland where 'he' became a community organizer who colluded with Jeremiah "G-ddamn American" Wright, Father Pfleger and terrorist Bill Ayres. Guess what: the whole scheme worked and now we are where we are with American weakened more than ever. 

So why is Mister Trump being vilified for telling The Truth? Mister Trump has nothing to apologize for and in fact, the mainstream media and hateful Hillary need to apologize to Him, end of story. 


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