Sunday, September 11, 2016

September the 11th...15 years later

Bill here is sick and tired of these September 11 anniversary writings? Why? Because Bill should never have been writing these all along. Okay my naive secular progressive pals, here we go again with Bill repeating The Truth: If Bubba Clinton only kept 'his' pants on, then those twin towers would be still standing. "What? You are crazy Bill!" you might ask. Well, Bill is crazy. Crazy about Jesus, free markets and general freedom, but THE FACT is if Bubba Clinton did not take a vacation from history by clowning around in the Oval Office - and instead building up our military to go in and take out Saddam, WE WOULDN'T BE TALKING ABOUT THIS NIGHTMARE THAT IS NOW ON OUR HANDS!!!!!!!

Okay pals, did these naive McFlys learn anything since that horrific day? NO! The honorable President George W. Bush along with his ace team went after the evildoers in Iraq, beat them back, held Real Democratic Elections and then performed the very successful SURGE. Pals, WE WERE WINNING IN IRAQ and guess what? This community organizer was installed into the Oval Office, picked up where Bubba Clinton left, clowned around and decided to WAVE THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER thus making a wide opening for ISIS to be created. NOW WE HAVE THE EVILDOERS ON STEROIDS RUNNING AMOK BY PILLAGING, RAPING AND BEHEADING!

Pals, Bill here weeps for the innocent just like anyone else on 9/11, but on 9/12 Bill immediately goes back to asking, WHY and HOW DID WE GET HERE? Remember and honor the fallen today, but at midnight on 9/12, GO BACK AND STUDY THE TRUTH!!!!!!

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