Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thoughts on this so-called brutality and 'protestors'

Bill is a broken record here, but this bears repeating: we are where we are in this once-free nation due to the fact that God was kicked out of the public sector which led to the lack of respect to authority figures - top that off with failed Great Society giveaway programs and this is what we get, my pals - blood spilleth upon our crumbling streets. It has only intensified these past near-eight years with a weak-kneed leader who hates establishing a respect for authority, freedom, free markets and Judeo-Christian ethics. With those facts clearly laid out here on Bill's blog, Bill has some thoughts on these 'protestors' as they are called by the mainstream media. Pals, these are not 'protestors.' Rather, they are rioters, pure and simple. There's no gray area to argue here. These people are not contributing to society in a positive way. They only wish to behave like petulant children because they are not getting their free health care, 'education' and ObamaBux. Imagine if these rioters actually did things to expand this once-free nation's economy. Pals, these people need to be zip-tied and hauled off to the nearest private prison to be honorably rehabilitated and then re-enter society as production human beings. Why does Bill say, 'private prisons?' Because Bill and millions KNOW that if this once-free nation privatized the prison system, then WE THE PEOPLE would have our hard-earned monies put to use in positive ways. It's time to have REAL LEADERSHIP in this once-free nation to make her free again and the ONLY WAY TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN IS TO RIGHTFULLY ELECT THE HONORABLE MISTER DONALD J. TRUMP! Mister Trump's words about these regrettable incidents are truly true and heart-warming. WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP MY PALS! SOMEONE WHO CAN CREATE REAL PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$ TO PREVENT THESE REGRETTABLE INCIDENTS!!!!! Sick and tired. Good night. Amen, Bill