Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It is now official: Bill endorses Donald J. Trump for president of this once-free nation

While Roosevelt and I are mourning the loss of the honorable Doctor Benjamin Carson in the 2016 race for the White House, we were up late the other night thinking about this wonderful man and this once-free nation’s future.

After a lot of discussion for hours overnight, we talked, cried and hugged over cherry pie and grape juice. We spoke about the virtues of the honorable Senator Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz – about how He has worked within the system as a true outsider to change Washington. Could the honorable Senator Cruz serve well as president? Of course – anyone but Hillary or Lord Forbid, Bernie. Then we moved onto the honorable Senator Marco Rubio. We agreed that we love Marco, but cannot forgive him for caving in on immigration. Senator Rubio could come back again one day for the race to the White House, maybe in 2024.

So, what are two grown men doing in the middle of the night crying about this once-free nation’s future? We both came to the conclusion that Bill and Roosevelt strongly endorse the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump for president of this once-free nation. Mister Trump is a Real Man who has the ability to correct the eight years of a huge national and international nightmare known as the Hussein Obama years. Donald J. Trump IS the only one who WILL repeal ObamaCare and quickly replace the illegal healthcare mandate with a market-based common sense system whereby the costs will be naturally driven down so that one can visit his doctor on his own terms. Doesn’t that make sense, people? Only Donald J. Trump will ensure that vision and no one else.

Donald J. Trump IS the only one who will roll back draconian regulation that stifles business and growth in this once-free nation. Once Donald J. Trump gets in The Oval Office, He will have no problem kicking the regulators out so that business will thrive thus resulting in millions of new job$ on American soil. Further, Donald J. Trump will reduce and God willing, repeal taxes and hopefully with prayer, audit or end The Fed and definitely end the IRS. Donald J. Trump WILL be the first president to introduce and implement The FAIRTax which is the most common sense approach to running government.

Donald J. Trump IS the only Real Man who will stare down dictators, ayatollahs and thugs known as ISIS. If anyone messes with American anywhere around the world, Donald J. Trump will blow the thugs away to smithereens and NOT APOLOGIZE FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!! We have had 150 years of trying to be diplomatic with rogue nations! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald J. Trump is a Real Man who ran several successful businesses. You see my pals, there are thousands out there who have been attempting to sabotage the Trump record by screaming about his failed business ventures. THE FACT is that one out of two businesses fail each year because that IS HOW BUSINESS WORKS! YOU TAKE RISK AND TRY THINGS! Does Bill here need to school you socialistic McFly fools out there about how business works!? Donald J. Trump took risks and some things did not work out, but most THINGS DID WORK OUT!

Now, another thing about Senator Rubio that disturbed me and Roosevelt is that he went to insult Mister Trump’s manhood. It backfired on many levels. First, it made Marco look like a sad schoolboy. Second, it is a lie. Since Marco went there, there is no doubt that just like His businesses, Mister Trump is successful in the bedroom. It is a fact that all three wives report 100 percent satisfaction in the bedroom. Why is that important? It is because it shows that Mister Trump possesses a manhood unseen ever before in the presidency. It shows that Mister Trump has gusto to stare down Communist China and Red Russia. Do you McFlys know what that means? It means that Donald J. Trump WILL find the jobs lost to places like China and bring them back to America.

Donald J. Trump WILL bring back what’s called a Culture of Life, something not seen since the successful years of the honorable President George W. Bush. While me and millions in this once free nation prayed for a third and fourth GW Bush terms, we knew that the Lord Almighty made us stronger by enduring the huge mistake known as the Hussein Obama years. Donald J. Trump WILL erase that nightmare and bring class and dignity back to The Oval Office. God Bless the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump. Roosevelt and Bill enthusiastically endorse this great man who WILL WIN the White House and be sworn in by January 2017.

Amen, Bill

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