Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hussein Obama's damage will be felt for years

Very few are talking about the amount of damage that has been inflicted upon America’s fabric from Hussein Obama’s failed policies. ObamaCare: Hussein Obama, his supporters and the general left tout that more folks are covered under these draconian federally unfunded mandates. The Truth is that just about all of these covered folks cannot afford their premiums and when they go to use their doctors, they find out that they cannot make their co-pays and/or they find that their doctors got out of the business. Bill here cannot blame why these hard-working medical men got out of the business and/or retired early. Pals, the whole thing is a massive failure that was written by leftists who go to sleep with their Saul Alinsky handbooks. Does anyone here see what a mess it is over in England where folks die by the dozens waiting to see doctors? Yes, if you foolish Bernie supporters think we will go single-payer one day, death panels will be implemented! Social problems: More black men are behind bars over these past seven years. I’m not being racist, just stating the facts, my pals. Why? The social fabric was ripped by this installed-‘administration’ who would rather side with Communist/Black Panther-loving Beyonce rather than saying to black men to pull their pants up, go to school and get job$! That’s the message these folks are getting and they’re getting angrier by the minute. I cannot blame them when their leader sends out these signals telling them that the system is stacked against them. That’s not leadership my pals! “Bill, you’re racist!” you secular progressives will say and I reply, “You don’t know what you’re talking about since my Bible study partner is a well-heeled African-American man who cries at night seeing how Hussein Obama has destroyed this nation.” Economy: Job$ are not coming back here because of the fact that this once-free nation has the highest corporate tax structure on the globe. Add burdensome regulations from places like OSHA and the EPA and you have Wal-marts running out of towns and small businessmen like me getting out of the business. Why cannot stand the paperwork, folks! The only hope to correct all of these mistakes is to fire the Democrat Party from government by electing a rightful Republican president and firing every Democrat party member in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, yesterday! Lefty folk gloat over some minor infighting which happens a lot more in the Democrat party between the corrupt Billary Machine and socialist Bernie. Whether it’s Doctor Carson or Mister Trump, either one of them will correct the years of mistakes that have been thrust upon this once-free nation. Good night. Amen, Bill

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