Monday, December 26, 2016

Liberal Gobbledygook

Bill and millions of others KNOW that liberal gobbledygook has been going on since the early portion of the 1960s when yippies from the underground, naive secular progressive "students" on college campuses and "intellectuals" fought God and then got Him kicked out of the public square and from the public screwels. It's been all going downhill ever since that time. America sold Her soul to a cultural devil and a serious sickness known as liberalism. Liberalism has failed all of us at every turn since it was infused into American government. American government NEEDS to be shrunk to its smallest size and God NEEDS to be re-instituted into all of our lives. God is the prescription to all that ails us as a nation and the world. Pals, we NEED to get back to the basics as to what made America great in the first place. Bill and millions KNOW that the only person that WILL make this happen is The Honorable President Donald J. Trump. Amen, Bill 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Thank the Lord Almighty for Rep. Tom Price

General docs and specialists have gotten out of the business due to the massive regulatory burdens placed upon them by the failed Hussein ObamaCare health care 'program.' This is a program that only Goebbels, Castro, Chavez, Un and Ahmadinejad could only dream of - what with its unbelievable draconian requirements like penalizing folks who don't have the funds to participate. Sorry pals, but that is simply impossible if not un-American and quite dictatorial. The whole thing needs to be imploded and the honorable Representative Thomas Edmunds Price IS the ONLY Real Man who has the fortitude, intellect and passion to completely dismantle the whole illegal, failed idea. For Bill here and millions, this IS a dream come true. Still pals, ask any doctor who has dealt with the system and He will tell you that the whole thing has been a disaster, needs to be forgotten and scrapped and replaced with a true market-based system. Amen, Bill

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Russians are Coming, OH MY? Really?

President Trump states flatly that He does not know Putin nor has had any dealing with Him, end of argument. Move along Bernie McFlys, there's nothing to see. So why is the left got their panties in a wad over this Russia thing? They will do anything to produce Weapons of Mass Distraction. But, isn't it a good thing for us to get along with the Russians rather than letting President Putin laugh at us like He has been doing for years what with Hussein Obama 'in charge' performing one blunder after another? Wouldn't it be nice to have nations like Russia respect us and then work with us to extract much-needed energy sources to power our massive economies thereby creating more good paying job$ which in in turn pumps up stock markets and then puts all of us on The Path to Prosperity? Why would any of you liberal McFlys not agree with those Common Sense arguments? Liberalism is a mental disorder no doubt, but Bill sits here still wondering why would anyone want to be out of work while paying higher taxe$ with dollar$ that they do not have? WHY? What is Bill missing here? Please attempt to lay your lame arguments out here so that Bill will bat them down one line at a time. Amen, Bill

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post Election 2016 thoughts Volume One: Revenge of the Bedwetters

The bottom line is that “expert pollsters” and liberal pundits were blindsided by the Silent Moral Majority throughout most of America. They only listened to themselves in their own little liberal bubbles instead of listening to WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those who have Common Sense only). All one needs to do is look at that big beautiful map of these great states and see how much it is bleeding red. The blues this time out are few and far between. The funny thing here is that President Trump easily won this election. There was hardly any contest here, pals. Folks just wish to be able to exercise their Judeo-Christian beliefs without fear of being shamed by far lefties like Michael Moore; hold good paying job$ without being taxed to death by someone like Nanny Pelosi; build big strong families without Planned Parenthood coming after them; eat what they wish without someone like Mayor Bloomberg telling them not to; drive the truck, SUV or mini-van that one wishes to without interference from some environmental whacko group and alGore; run businesses without having draconian regulations pushed upon oneself by an oppressive government headed by a careless secular progressive like Hussein Obama.

There was an excellent report on FOX News last evening about how the mainstream media unfairly attacks and attempts to stop the Trumpian Agenda – much like they tried to do with the Reagan Agenda even before He rightfully stepped into The Oval Office. Bill and millions of others here couldn’t agree more with the very correct assessment. Of course today, we have far more lefty liberal outlets like the very failed New York Times, the Washington Post, ABCCBSNBCCNNPMSNBC and let’s not forget the very anti-Trump newspaper, the al Jazeera Constitution.
The thing is the mainstream media and Washington Liberal Establishment quickly bum-rushed and attacked President Reagan in the fall of 1980. Just a few months later, President Reagan commanded respect from all of His enemies and had the US government quickly under His control The same scene is repeating right here and now with the honorable President Trump – SAME THING HERE MY PALS!

Already, they are attacking good men who are joining President Trump’s rightful administration from the honorable Steve Bannon to Mister Priebus. Pals, Mister Bannon is a great man who did it all; He’s far from being an anti-Semite like Jimmy Carter. Mister Bannon loves the state of Israel just like Bill and millions here love the Hebrew state. Mister Priebus is amazingly brilliant who banded the rightful Republicans together to easily win this election. Bill here only prays and hopes that His good friend Glenn Beck comes home and accepts this beautiful administration. So the bed-wetters are out in full force, screaming, crying and ranting against this great man. The little crybaby liberal bed-wetters just NEED TO GROW UP and ACCEPT THE FACT that THEIR FAILED PRESIDENT IS NOT GOD and HAS FAILED MILLIONS!!!!!

Oh my and how about that gorgeous Kellyanne Conway? Who is the lucky man who wakes up to that beauty each morning? Oh my Lord is that the luckiest guy on Earth or what? I pray for Miss Kellyanne that She becomes a part of Mister Trump’s cabinet.

Anyway, Bill here prays that first on the agenda is ending ObamaCare as to WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those who have Common Sense only) know it. Then, Bill prays that Roe v Wade is quickly overturned to protect the innocent. Up next, JOBS$!!!!! The only way to create loads of job$ is to cut taxe$, eliminate regulations, End the Fed, shut down the Dept. of Miseducation, exterminate the Dept of Commerce along with the EPA. It’s early morning in America again pals and Bill and millions of others are more than thrilled that WE won and liberals are left in the wilderness dumbfounded. The bottom line is that The Silent Moral Majority is right and the media and their liberal friends in Big Gov’t and elsewhere are wrong.
Good night


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations President-elect Donald J. Trump

Just look at Bill’s blog here. Just go back and look. Are you naïve, clueless, lazy McFly secular progressive liberals eating crow or shoving your faces in eggs right now? As Bill has been saying for over 30 years: BILL WHITE IS RIGHT. Sorry, Bill will gloat because Bill has been/is/will be right. America is a conservative country and has been all along. The recent failed Democrat years of Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama are just failed blips in America’s collective history. Those were brief times that the U.S. got Her elections wrong and most likely, those contests were rigged. My pals, history has shown that Big Government DOES NOT WORK! From Lyndon B. Johnson’s very failed Great Society program idea to the malaise days of Jimmy Carter to the horrific years of Bill Clinton who passed the NAFTA disaster, took a vacation from history while “he” had “his” pants down around “his” ankles. Bill Clinton was a nightmare who ruined this nation. Hussein Obama only furthered Clinton’s rotten agenda to a far left radical agenda that nearly put this once-free nation into complete ruin. Today, my secular progressive pals, WE THE PEOPLE have SPOKEN! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! RECONSTRUCTION OF THIS HEAVILY DAMAGED NATION BEGINS NOW! To my clueless liberal pals on here, you need to accept reality, join the rest of us in making this once free nation free again and to help Make America Great Again! You are all either with us or you’re with those who wish to destroy America as we know it. Amen, Bill

Monday, October 17, 2016

An Open Letter to the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump

Dear Mister Trump,

My name is Bill Orvis White. Bill here is a North Georgia man who retired to these hills because He doesn’t recognize the nation He lives in any longer. You see Bill is originally from Mississippi and when Bill was there, He ran a very successful plumbing/heating/air/roofing company in Hattiesburg. 

Man, Bill here had it all: good business, great church, gorgeous wife and two boys. Bill’s life went downhill starting in January 2009. Hmm, Mister Trump, you can only guess what started in that awful month. 

Before we all knew it, Bill here was dealing with higher taxes, draconian regulations and ObamaCare. Because of all that, Bill shuttered his business, His wife left Him and He lost his business, house and livelihood. Now Mister Trump, Bill here was a mess when He was younger: there were plenty of nights of drink, drugs and women. That all came to a halt when Bill crashed His truck. That fateful night, Bill was led out of the truck by Jesus. Bill decided then to lead a Christ-centered existence, go back to school and open up a premiere business. 

Mister Trump, Bill had the time of His life, but it all came to an abrupt end, because the American Dream became the American Nightmare due to corrupt, crooked and incompetent Democrat party decisions. 

You are the only one who has the ability to end this madness. It’s a fact. THIS IS WHY YOU’RE RUNNING AND DO NOT FORGET IT! You can easily fix the myriad Democrat-created mistakes and make US FREE AGAIN! Bill and millions are scared to death that Hitlery Clintax WILL continue this once-free nation’s decline into oblivion which we will never return from ever again! 

Mister Trump, keep fighting! Bring our job$ back! Just say “Nyet!” to Red Russia! Tell Communist China to stop their games. Stare down ISIS! Fight for our Second Amendment! Outlaw political correctness. Annoy the media and expand libel laws! Tell the ayatollahs, dictators and thugs that there will be a new sheriff in town come January 2017 - who NEVER BACKS DOWN! Mister Trump, you are Bill’s only hope here. Please delivers us from this nightmare, be proud and stand up to all of this nonsense! 

Amen, Bill 

Monday, September 19, 2016


When is this once-free nation going to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CHERRY PIE?! Bill doesn’t want to sit down and attempt to ‘understand them.’ Bill and millions of like-minded pals with Common Sense want TO KILL THEM, pure and simple. It’s high time to stop this ‘lovey-dovey, let’s sit down and think about it’ CRAP! WE KNOW WHERE THESE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS are SO WHY NOT USE ALL THE TOOLS IN OUR ARSENEL TO WRENCH THEM OUT OF THEIR SMELLY HOLES AND QUICKLY KILL THEM! They bomb. They rape. They pillage. They behead. They have no regard to a Culture of Life just like secular progressives on U.S. soil.  The funny thing is that these Islamic Extremists would kill those very secular progressive fools first because this is what Jihad is my pals! Sorry, but Hillary does not understand Jihad just like her old boss Hussein Obama. Little Hussein allowed jihadists to fester for years because ‘he’ feared ‘his’ cousins all this time. THE POINT IS WE NEED TO STOP AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM YESTERDAY! SOLVE IT! The only who can SOLVE IT is the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump. Mister Trump is our only hope at saving American from jihadists who are now storming our soil. Bill here predicted it and every naïve secular progressive laughed. Now that Bill is right as usual, Bill hears crickets from these very useful idiot liberal McFlys. PALS, DO THE RIGHT THING: Stock up on fuels, food and a weapons cache and join the fight to protect America from total ruin. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Birther Issue - NOT put to rest!

To this day, Bill here doesn't understand why the rightful so-called "Birther thing" has not become an even larger issue. Is it possible for WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with Common Sense) to properly examine the FACTS and ask the REAL questions? WHY is your 'president' an anti-colonialist? Answer: Anti-colonialism is highly taught in rural Kenya. Who in the world hails from rural Kenya? Answer: Barack Hussein Obama, Senior. What? Yes. Barack Hussein Obama, Senior was a senior governmental economist who was a devout Muslim who was a part of Kenya's anti-colonialist party which had plans connected to a hybrid of communists and jihadists to eradicate capitalism and modernism. Hussein Obama Senior actively taught Hussein Obama Junior these basic anti-American tenets for many years in rural Kenya, Indonesia and finally, Hawaii. It is widely known throughout much of Kenya and many other African countries that Hussein Obama Senior came together with a mixture of those communists and jihadists to produce a child who would be indoctrinated with anti-colonialist thought, but provide the illusion that 'he' would be pro-American while being brought up later in Hawaii and finally on mainland U.S. soil. It is also widely known throughout many circles that Hussein Obama Junior was born in the dead of night in a secret tribal ceremony in Nyangoma, Kogelo, Kenya. Hussein Obama Junior was reported to have shot out of his mother and caught at least 25 feet away in the Kenyan forest. From there, Hussein Obama Junior was sent to many schools including madrassas where anti-colonialism, pro-regulation, pro-taxism, pro-Sharia, anti-Israel/Hebrew teachings were instituted. Hussein Obama Junior excelled so well in those madrassas, 'he' had to be transferred to Indonesia where 'he' mastered the art of the capitalistic illusion by none other than visiting professor Saul Alinksy. Alinsky brought the young Hussein Obama to the mainland where 'he' became a community organizer who colluded with Jeremiah "G-ddamn American" Wright, Father Pfleger and terrorist Bill Ayres. Guess what: the whole scheme worked and now we are where we are with American weakened more than ever. 

So why is Mister Trump being vilified for telling The Truth? Mister Trump has nothing to apologize for and in fact, the mainstream media and hateful Hillary need to apologize to Him, end of story. 


Sunday, September 11, 2016

September the 11th...15 years later

Bill here is sick and tired of these September 11 anniversary writings? Why? Because Bill should never have been writing these all along. Okay my naive secular progressive pals, here we go again with Bill repeating The Truth: If Bubba Clinton only kept 'his' pants on, then those twin towers would be still standing. "What? You are crazy Bill!" you might ask. Well, Bill is crazy. Crazy about Jesus, free markets and general freedom, but THE FACT is if Bubba Clinton did not take a vacation from history by clowning around in the Oval Office - and instead building up our military to go in and take out Saddam, WE WOULDN'T BE TALKING ABOUT THIS NIGHTMARE THAT IS NOW ON OUR HANDS!!!!!!!

Okay pals, did these naive McFlys learn anything since that horrific day? NO! The honorable President George W. Bush along with his ace team went after the evildoers in Iraq, beat them back, held Real Democratic Elections and then performed the very successful SURGE. Pals, WE WERE WINNING IN IRAQ and guess what? This community organizer was installed into the Oval Office, picked up where Bubba Clinton left, clowned around and decided to WAVE THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER thus making a wide opening for ISIS to be created. NOW WE HAVE THE EVILDOERS ON STEROIDS RUNNING AMOK BY PILLAGING, RAPING AND BEHEADING!

Pals, Bill here weeps for the innocent just like anyone else on 9/11, but on 9/12 Bill immediately goes back to asking, WHY and HOW DID WE GET HERE? Remember and honor the fallen today, but at midnight on 9/12, GO BACK AND STUDY THE TRUTH!!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thoughts on this so-called brutality and 'protestors'

Bill is a broken record here, but this bears repeating: we are where we are in this once-free nation due to the fact that God was kicked out of the public sector which led to the lack of respect to authority figures - top that off with failed Great Society giveaway programs and this is what we get, my pals - blood spilleth upon our crumbling streets. It has only intensified these past near-eight years with a weak-kneed leader who hates establishing a respect for authority, freedom, free markets and Judeo-Christian ethics. With those facts clearly laid out here on Bill's blog, Bill has some thoughts on these 'protestors' as they are called by the mainstream media. Pals, these are not 'protestors.' Rather, they are rioters, pure and simple. There's no gray area to argue here. These people are not contributing to society in a positive way. They only wish to behave like petulant children because they are not getting their free health care, 'education' and ObamaBux. Imagine if these rioters actually did things to expand this once-free nation's economy. Pals, these people need to be zip-tied and hauled off to the nearest private prison to be honorably rehabilitated and then re-enter society as production human beings. Why does Bill say, 'private prisons?' Because Bill and millions KNOW that if this once-free nation privatized the prison system, then WE THE PEOPLE would have our hard-earned monies put to use in positive ways. It's time to have REAL LEADERSHIP in this once-free nation to make her free again and the ONLY WAY TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN IS TO RIGHTFULLY ELECT THE HONORABLE MISTER DONALD J. TRUMP! Mister Trump's words about these regrettable incidents are truly true and heart-warming. WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP MY PALS! SOMEONE WHO CAN CREATE REAL PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$ TO PREVENT THESE REGRETTABLE INCIDENTS!!!!! Sick and tired. Good night. Amen, Bill

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It is now official: Bill endorses Donald J. Trump for president of this once-free nation

While Roosevelt and I are mourning the loss of the honorable Doctor Benjamin Carson in the 2016 race for the White House, we were up late the other night thinking about this wonderful man and this once-free nation’s future.

After a lot of discussion for hours overnight, we talked, cried and hugged over cherry pie and grape juice. We spoke about the virtues of the honorable Senator Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz – about how He has worked within the system as a true outsider to change Washington. Could the honorable Senator Cruz serve well as president? Of course – anyone but Hillary or Lord Forbid, Bernie. Then we moved onto the honorable Senator Marco Rubio. We agreed that we love Marco, but cannot forgive him for caving in on immigration. Senator Rubio could come back again one day for the race to the White House, maybe in 2024.

So, what are two grown men doing in the middle of the night crying about this once-free nation’s future? We both came to the conclusion that Bill and Roosevelt strongly endorse the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump for president of this once-free nation. Mister Trump is a Real Man who has the ability to correct the eight years of a huge national and international nightmare known as the Hussein Obama years. Donald J. Trump IS the only one who WILL repeal ObamaCare and quickly replace the illegal healthcare mandate with a market-based common sense system whereby the costs will be naturally driven down so that one can visit his doctor on his own terms. Doesn’t that make sense, people? Only Donald J. Trump will ensure that vision and no one else.

Donald J. Trump IS the only one who will roll back draconian regulation that stifles business and growth in this once-free nation. Once Donald J. Trump gets in The Oval Office, He will have no problem kicking the regulators out so that business will thrive thus resulting in millions of new job$ on American soil. Further, Donald J. Trump will reduce and God willing, repeal taxes and hopefully with prayer, audit or end The Fed and definitely end the IRS. Donald J. Trump WILL be the first president to introduce and implement The FAIRTax which is the most common sense approach to running government.

Donald J. Trump IS the only Real Man who will stare down dictators, ayatollahs and thugs known as ISIS. If anyone messes with American anywhere around the world, Donald J. Trump will blow the thugs away to smithereens and NOT APOLOGIZE FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!! We have had 150 years of trying to be diplomatic with rogue nations! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald J. Trump is a Real Man who ran several successful businesses. You see my pals, there are thousands out there who have been attempting to sabotage the Trump record by screaming about his failed business ventures. THE FACT is that one out of two businesses fail each year because that IS HOW BUSINESS WORKS! YOU TAKE RISK AND TRY THINGS! Does Bill here need to school you socialistic McFly fools out there about how business works!? Donald J. Trump took risks and some things did not work out, but most THINGS DID WORK OUT!

Now, another thing about Senator Rubio that disturbed me and Roosevelt is that he went to insult Mister Trump’s manhood. It backfired on many levels. First, it made Marco look like a sad schoolboy. Second, it is a lie. Since Marco went there, there is no doubt that just like His businesses, Mister Trump is successful in the bedroom. It is a fact that all three wives report 100 percent satisfaction in the bedroom. Why is that important? It is because it shows that Mister Trump possesses a manhood unseen ever before in the presidency. It shows that Mister Trump has gusto to stare down Communist China and Red Russia. Do you McFlys know what that means? It means that Donald J. Trump WILL find the jobs lost to places like China and bring them back to America.

Donald J. Trump WILL bring back what’s called a Culture of Life, something not seen since the successful years of the honorable President George W. Bush. While me and millions in this once free nation prayed for a third and fourth GW Bush terms, we knew that the Lord Almighty made us stronger by enduring the huge mistake known as the Hussein Obama years. Donald J. Trump WILL erase that nightmare and bring class and dignity back to The Oval Office. God Bless the honorable Mister Donald J. Trump. Roosevelt and Bill enthusiastically endorse this great man who WILL WIN the White House and be sworn in by January 2017.

Amen, Bill

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hussein Obama's damage will be felt for years

Very few are talking about the amount of damage that has been inflicted upon America’s fabric from Hussein Obama’s failed policies. ObamaCare: Hussein Obama, his supporters and the general left tout that more folks are covered under these draconian federally unfunded mandates. The Truth is that just about all of these covered folks cannot afford their premiums and when they go to use their doctors, they find out that they cannot make their co-pays and/or they find that their doctors got out of the business. Bill here cannot blame why these hard-working medical men got out of the business and/or retired early. Pals, the whole thing is a massive failure that was written by leftists who go to sleep with their Saul Alinsky handbooks. Does anyone here see what a mess it is over in England where folks die by the dozens waiting to see doctors? Yes, if you foolish Bernie supporters think we will go single-payer one day, death panels will be implemented! Social problems: More black men are behind bars over these past seven years. I’m not being racist, just stating the facts, my pals. Why? The social fabric was ripped by this installed-‘administration’ who would rather side with Communist/Black Panther-loving Beyonce rather than saying to black men to pull their pants up, go to school and get job$! That’s the message these folks are getting and they’re getting angrier by the minute. I cannot blame them when their leader sends out these signals telling them that the system is stacked against them. That’s not leadership my pals! “Bill, you’re racist!” you secular progressives will say and I reply, “You don’t know what you’re talking about since my Bible study partner is a well-heeled African-American man who cries at night seeing how Hussein Obama has destroyed this nation.” Economy: Job$ are not coming back here because of the fact that this once-free nation has the highest corporate tax structure on the globe. Add burdensome regulations from places like OSHA and the EPA and you have Wal-marts running out of towns and small businessmen like me getting out of the business. Why cannot stand the paperwork, folks! The only hope to correct all of these mistakes is to fire the Democrat Party from government by electing a rightful Republican president and firing every Democrat party member in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, yesterday! Lefty folk gloat over some minor infighting which happens a lot more in the Democrat party between the corrupt Billary Machine and socialist Bernie. Whether it’s Doctor Carson or Mister Trump, either one of them will correct the years of mistakes that have been thrust upon this once-free nation. Good night. Amen, Bill