Monday, August 10, 2015


First of all, Mister Trump is NOT a misogynist! Rather, Mister Trump is a successful businessman who worries about this once-free nation's future as it loses to Communist China, Red Russia, Venomous Venezuela and Murderous Mexico. Hello McFlys, this Real Man cares about us and we then allow the mainstream media to run Him out of town! Me and millions of others with common sense are SICK AND TIRED of the press is out to destroy this Great Man. This is NOT about the beautiful Miss Megyn! This is NOT about Boring Jeb! This is NOT about Traitorous Kasich! This is NOT about the unbelievably Gorgeous Carly! This is about a Real Man who WILL create REAL JOB$!!!!! What don't you naive liberals get and to my Republican pals like Erick Erickson - YOUR MOVES ARE GOING TO HAND THIS ONCE-FREE NATION OVER TO THE CORRUPT BILLARY MACHINE!!!!!!!! SICK AND TIRED! Me and millions of others love all of these candidates - some have lost their way like Governor Kasich and others are simply smart and gorgeous like Miss Carly. Out of this entire pack, Doctor Carson is by far the MOST QUALIFIED, but at the end of the day, I'm sick and tired of how the mainstream media has gone after Mister Trump. With all of their liberal viscous hate, they even infected Erick Erickson who dis-invited Mister Trump from the Red State gather and never even thought about showcasing my biggest pal, Doctor Carson! Dear Erick, we met at a Christian Retreat many years ago. We prayed together. Agreed that federal troops should go after those partaking in abortion. Now, YOU DO THIS? YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO STAB ME AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS IN THE BACK BY TURNING MISTER TRUMP AWAY? You know something Mister Erickson, why don't you just get up there on Inauguration Day, kick Justice Roberts and His Bible out of the way, bring your copy of The Koran and help to swear-in "Mrs." Clinton. I love you Mister Erickson, BUT YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE, but I'm afraid you did some serious damage to The Republican Brand. Good night! Amen, Bill