Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talk about stuck on stupid

The communist liberals in the U.S. Senate had their last say forever. When the honorable Addison Mitchell McConnell rightfully gets the gavel from Hairy Read in January 2015, THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE WILL BE RIGHTFULLY BUILT. The Keystone Pipeline WILL HAPPEN thusly rightfully creating great paying PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$! OK class, do you know who is AGAINST GOOD PAYING PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$? Oh, I bet those of you who are Tea Party Republicans knew this answer well before I rightfully posed the question. The answer: Secular progressive fools including Hairy Read himself, Nanny Pelosi, Socialist Chris Matthews, Debaucherer Bawney Fwank, Communist Bernie Sanders, Sinner Rachael Maddow and Socialist Denny Kucinich. Me and millions of others in this once-free nation WILL be rightfully praying for a speedy vote and passage of an important bill that is pro-markets, pro-business and most of all, pro-God. WHAT? Have you gone mad Bill? Yes, I am mad ABOUT PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$ that will put PRIVATE SECTOR money into hard-working, God-fearing folk. Yes, that's right, those who work on pipelines are doing the Lord Almighty's work WHICH MEANS THAT THOSE FOLK ARE KEEPING AMERICA WORKING AND THERE IS NO WAY THAT THOSE FOLK ARE LAZY COMMUNIST SECULAR PROGRESSIVE FOOLS! Now that all my accurate statements have been laid down here, I want to reiterate how much common sense there is on Keystone. We are a nation that NEEDS OIL to keep the economy humming along. IT IS THE AMERICAN WAY! Liking that piece of meat on your dinner table? THANK THE RANCHER WHO WORKED HARD TO GET IT OUT OF A COW. THANK THE TRUCK DRIVER WHO DROVE MILES AND MILES TO GET THAT STEAK TO YOUR MARKET. THANK THE MEN WHO BUILT YOUR CAR SO THAT YOU CAN GO TO YOUR MARKET TO BUY THAT STEAK. OK?! Yes, even you pansy liberal fools: LIKING THAT PIECE OF SPINACH YOU ARE MUNCHING ON? THANK THE FARMER WHO GREW IT, WASHED IT AND PICKED IT! THANK THOSE TRUCK DRIVERS WHO SHIPPED IT TO YOUR LIBERAL MOUTH! WE NEED THAT PIPELINE, YOU LIBERAL USEFUL IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU FOOLS? GOOD NIGHT! AMEN, Bill