Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'll have more

As my supporters in Mississippi and all over the world know, my life has gone through a lot of upheaval in the past year. Due to ObamaNomics, I had to shutter my plumbing business and let my longtime workers and apprentices go. In my personal life, my wife Delores asked me for a legal separation. For several months, I bunked up with my Bible study partner Roosevelt while Delores and the boys Dale and Kyle have been living in the home that I built for them. So, what's a real man like me supposed to do? Well, thank The Lord Almighty for my aunt in North Georgia. She has a garage out back with living quarters over it. So, this past summer, I packed up the 150 along with my dog Couder and Roosevelt to live up in a place called Young Harris, Georgia.

As for work, I'm done. You can call me officially and forcefully retired due to this installed-"president." There was no way I could continue to do business as long as Hussein Obama is in office what with "his" heavy-handed draconian regulations and illegal health care requirements. I'm done just like the millions of doctors who couldn't take it any longer.

So here I am in my living quarters in North Georgia. What's a real man to do? I'm just getting my bearings here so stay with me my friends. I plan to spend full time spreading The Truth. Keep coming back here because I have a lot to say on so many topics.

God Bless and Amen, Bill

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