Thursday, September 11, 2014

Here I go again...

13 years. 13 years and I cannot believe it. What? What can't I believe? I cannot believe that this once-free nation has not learned one thing about jihad. Sorry, but this once-free nation is clueless. 13 years ago the jihadists attacked us on our very own soil. It has not happened since the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Even though Hawaii has been a friendly territory to the U.S., even that president back then knew who the enemy was, drew up a plan and won that war. Now, 13 years ago after Saddam attacked us on our own soil, we had an honorable man in The Oval Office who drew up a plan saying that we are in a different kind of war, a war that lasts forever. Forever? Yes! it's different now folks. We have been at war with an ideology. That ideology is not good because the enemy believes in death, just like a bigger version of the kamikaze fighters who could care less about their own lives while taking out thousands or perhaps millions of others. We in The West believe in life. Follow my rightful logic? OK, so if we believe in life and they believe in death, then they must die before they come here on our own soil before they die along with good people who believe in life. Get it? Well, Hussein Obama, Hairy Read and Nanny Pelosi DO NOT GET IT! On this date 13 years ago, a dictator attacked us. We rightfully fought back with a solid plan. Democracy came to Iraq, things were looking up to a better way of life. Something terrible happened on the way to a better life: America installed a failed community organizer who pulled the honorable President George W. Bush's state-of-the-art military from the region, waving the white flag of surrender. Jihadists took over rampaging through Iraq, raping, pillaging, beheading while building a caliphate that will no doubt stretch from Syria down to Tripoli, back over to Teheran into to Baghdad and well into Saudi Arabia. When this caliphate is complete, Israel will be left alone to fight these jihadists. My friends, we are in trouble on this 13th anniversary of September the 11th. We have not learned a darn thing! It's like we dropped our pants and we didn't even know it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS is winning and we just sit here like stupid Lefty McFlys

Once again, this "president" is leading from behind. "He" never had/does not have/will not have a solid, coherent strategy for dealing with worldwide jihadists because "he" does not understand the concept of jihad. Now that fact is established on this lefty blog, I will proceed to take my rightful main argument further. The current "administration" has never/does not/will never understand jihad. The roots of this began when they attempted to say that The War on Terror is over - WRONG! The free world will always be at war with jihadists and jihadist sympathizers. Now that that FACT has been established on this lefty blog, let me state very clear about that previous line: THE FREE WORLD WILL ALWAYS BE AT WAR WITH JIHADISTS AND JIHADIST SYMPATHIZERS. Do you Lefty McFlys know what that line describes? I'm gonna write it here and your jaws will drop to the floors as you soil yourselves. IT IS THE MAIN COMPONENT TO THE RIGHTFUL BUSH DOCTRINE! Now that you have all wet your beds, allow me to state that this once-free nation had a clear, concise plan to root out evildoers no matter where they exist. We were doing well during the rightful Gulf War II and even better after The Surge. Democracy flourished in Iraq and was ready to spread throughout the region. We were beating back the jihadists where they were hiding from Kabul to Baghdad and back over to The Gaza Strip. Well, my clueless lefty students here on the blog, what happened? How did we get here? I'll tell you the truth. The jihadists knew that we had a failed, weak-kneed community organizer installed into The Oval Office. Once this "leader" waved the white flag of surrender, jihadism exploded out of control now with this ISIS thug gang raping, murdering and beheading throughout where? Iraq! Oh my Lord! What happened? THIS IS COMPLETELY THIS "PRESIDENT'S" FAULT! Now, this "president" is back-tracking saying that "he's" going to take on "ISIL?" HAS THIS ONCE-NATION COMPLETELY LOST ITS MIND BY "VOTING" FOR THIS SECULAR-PROGRESSIVE FOOL? WE ARE NOW MORE UN-SAFE THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN! THE HOMELAND IS NOW AT RISK and what are you lefties doing? NOTHING! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! THE JIHADISTS ARE COMING FOR YOU AND I FOR ONE AM GETTING MORE PREPARED TO DEFEND MY PROPERTY AND FAMILY. ARE YOU? Do you think this "president" is going to protect you from these evildoers? If not "him," then who? Nanny Pelosi? Hairy Read? Bawney Fwank? STOP BEING SO FOOLISH! THIS PRESIDENT HAS PUT US AT RISK BECAUSE "HE" REFUSED TO MAKE THE TOUGH CHOICES THAT HIS PREDECESSOR CAREFULLY TOOK DURING HIS TWO SUCCESSFUL TERMS AS OUR HONORABLE PRESIDENT! WE HAVE TO STAND UP TO THESE THUGS - FROM THE JIHADISTS to Un to Putin to The Castro Brothers. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE DEFENDING THIS FAILED ADMINISTRATION. THEY HAVE RUINED OUR LIVES AND YOU LEFTIES ARE SITTING ON YOUR POLISHED WOOD TOWNHOUSE FLOORS WATCHING RACHEL MADDOW WHILE SIPPING ON COMMUNIST WINE AND DINING ON SNAILS LISTENING TO "HER" SECULAR-PROGRESSIVE LIES! I HAVE HAD IT! Amen, Bill