Friday, July 4, 2014

I Weep

On this July the Fourth, I am not celebrating. "What? Have you gone mad, Bill?" you might ask. The answer is a flat, "Yes." Why? Because I can no longer recognize this country. This was once a land of opportunity, where any man no matter what, could lay down stakes and make a life for himself and then his family. Those ideals have been shred by members of the Democrat Party and the Democrat Party alone. Whether any member calls herself a progressive, liberal, socialist, feminazi, communist or even a conservative Democrat Party member, they are all cut from the same anti-American cloth. It is THAT SIMPLE. The Democrat Party is responsible for the miserable State of this once-free Nation! "This is so terrible what you're saying on July the Fourth, Bill. We're all supposed to be one on this day!" you liberals would argue. I reply, "Tough Peanuts!" So, on this day, I DO NOT CELEBRATE! I WEEP! I cry right into my cherry pie because I'm sick and tired of how my freedoms have been taken away by this regime in Washington that is occupying The White House. A man can no longer get ahead in this life with Washington's draconian, collectivist, confiscatory fiscal "policies." So, I say that on this July the Fourth, remember the REAL JULY THE FOURTHS from the years of 1981-1988 when there was a real leader in The White House WHO DID NOT TAKE A VACATION FROM HISTORY thus making us vulnerable to jihadists and a man WHO CREATED JOB$ making life good for ALL OF US! I say to those who care about this once-free nation's future which are called WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with common sense): GET OFF YOUR DUFFS AND LET'S TURN THIS CONGRESS OVER TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN 2014 AND THEN WORK TO REMOVE THIS REGIME FROM THE OVAL OFFICE IN 2015! AMEN, BILL