Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Southern Coalition Did Fine Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about all those folks here in The Southern Coalition of this once-free nation. For those out of the loop, The Southern Coalition of the United States of America are the states that have some common sense left. These are the great states that stand up to Washington, the libtard media and the UN. Yes, The Coalition unfortunately has a handful of useful idiot naive secular progressive fools who seem to be getting driven out - but that beautiful vision will take years. Anyway, WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with common sense) are the REAL folk who comprised The Southern Coalition-the states running from Texas to The Carolinas, back down to Florida, up through my state of Mississippi and the Peach and Volunteer states. Here's the thing folks, WE THE PEOPLE showed rugged individualism in these snow events. We got out on the roads, messed up a bit, helped each other out and at the end of the day, WE SURVIVED! Yes, we are smart not to have Yankee snow removal equipment BECAUSE IT BARELY SNOWS DOWN IN THESE PARTS - SO WE DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO USE COMMON SENSE, SAVE THE MONEY BY NOT BUYING THE EQUIPMENT AND THEN WE MAKE THE BEST OF IT ALL! Now, the honorable Governor Nathan Deal is a gentleman, scholar and all around good God fearing man WHO GOVERNS WITH COMMON SENSE AND HAS SHOWN TRUE LEADERSHIP THROUGHOUT THIS WINTER, FOLKS! GET OVER IT BECAUSE THE HONORABLE GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL IS ONE OF THE NATION'S BEST GOVERNORS! GOOD GRIEF LIBTARD MEDIA: GOVERNOR DEAL IS AN A-CLASS GOVERNOR WHO JUST SHOWED YOU FOOLS THAT HE IS A REAL MAN WHO MADE REAL DECISIONS. GET THIS LIBTARD MEDIA: GOVERNOR DEAL WILL BE RE-ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I FOR ONE, WILL BE LAUGHING AT YOU USEFUL IDIOTS IN THAT FAR-LEFT MEDIA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT YOU LIBTARDS THINK THAT JIMMAH CARTER'S GRANDSON COULD BEAT GOVERNOR DEAL?!!!! LAUGHABLE! WITH A STRONG FAITH AND A STRONG INTELLECT, THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO RE-ELECT THE HONORABLE GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL! WHO IS LAUGHING NOW? Do you all in the Peach State think that if you install an incompetent Marxist Democrat will make the state better? Believe me folks, Jimmah's grandson was indoctrinated with Marxist though since he was a 2-year-old. Do we really need another off-the-plantation-type from the Carter family in any political office!? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! Really? The same goes for Texas. Why would any of you in Texas vote for that sleaze-bag woman who believes in drive-thru abortions? IF TEXAS ELECTS THAT WOMAN, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY HOPE FOR THIS ONCE-FREE NATION! LIBERALISM is a sickness - just like being homosexual. Both problems can be fixed. SORRY THAT I AM NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT FOLK, BUT THEN AGAIN, I COULD CARE LESS. WAY TOO MANY OF YOU IDIOTS VOTED FOR THAT USELESS "president" Queen Hussein Obama. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW DUMB THIS ONCE-FREE NATION HAS BECOME OVER THE YEARS! GOOD NIGHT!