Monday, January 27, 2014

What in God's name is happening with The Holy See?

Now, I always loved The Pope and the good God fearing folk who support Him. When I was younger, I thought the Catholic folk were a little bit off the mark in their ways, but these past few years, I have grown to more than loving them. I knew that Pope John Paul II was the guy who stared down the socialistic and communistic fools and dictators. That Pope was real - kinda like the honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan or the honorable President George Walker Bush - two of the most fascinating real he-men leaders who were not afraid to DO WHAT WAS RIGHT! So, Pope John Paul rightfully passed on to the heavens. He was replaced by another good man who was NEVER AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT AND DO THE RIGHT THING. Both Pope John Paul and Cardinal Ratzinger spoke out against many sins including communism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, debauchery, taxism and most of all, baby-killing. WE NEED MORE LEADERS LIKE THESE HONORABLE MEN AND THEY ARE EITHER DYING OR LEAVING OFFICE! IT IS DISGUSTING! Now, we are stuck with this socialist "pope" who thinks it is OK to kill babies and do same sex fornicating in the public square! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE PEOPLE? Now this fake pope says that women should be strong in the workplace and church! WHAT? Has Lucifer arrived on Earth and taken our culture hostage? Women need not be in the workplace, period. If they all stayed home, taught their and our children, then we could rid ourselves of public screwels AND GET THIS: THERE WOULD BE MORE JOB$ FOR THE MEN WHO NEED TO BE WORKING! COMBINE THE FACT THAT IF WOMEN STAYED AT HOME, BECAME TEACHERS AND WE HAD REAL MEN IN CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRIES WHO WOULD CUT TAXE$, THEN JOB$ WOULD BE CREATED AND EVERYONE WOULD BE BUSY!!!!!!!! Folks, we have a Marxist in the Oval Office and an avowed pro-homosexual fake pope in charge over there in Rome. THIS CULTURE AND THIS WORLD ARE GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET! GOOD NIGHT!

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