Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talk about stuck on stupid

The communist liberals in the U.S. Senate had their last say forever. When the honorable Addison Mitchell McConnell rightfully gets the gavel from Hairy Read in January 2015, THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE WILL BE RIGHTFULLY BUILT. The Keystone Pipeline WILL HAPPEN thusly rightfully creating great paying PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$! OK class, do you know who is AGAINST GOOD PAYING PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$? Oh, I bet those of you who are Tea Party Republicans knew this answer well before I rightfully posed the question. The answer: Secular progressive fools including Hairy Read himself, Nanny Pelosi, Socialist Chris Matthews, Debaucherer Bawney Fwank, Communist Bernie Sanders, Sinner Rachael Maddow and Socialist Denny Kucinich. Me and millions of others in this once-free nation WILL be rightfully praying for a speedy vote and passage of an important bill that is pro-markets, pro-business and most of all, pro-God. WHAT? Have you gone mad Bill? Yes, I am mad ABOUT PRIVATE SECTOR JOB$ that will put PRIVATE SECTOR money into hard-working, God-fearing folk. Yes, that's right, those who work on pipelines are doing the Lord Almighty's work WHICH MEANS THAT THOSE FOLK ARE KEEPING AMERICA WORKING AND THERE IS NO WAY THAT THOSE FOLK ARE LAZY COMMUNIST SECULAR PROGRESSIVE FOOLS! Now that all my accurate statements have been laid down here, I want to reiterate how much common sense there is on Keystone. We are a nation that NEEDS OIL to keep the economy humming along. IT IS THE AMERICAN WAY! Liking that piece of meat on your dinner table? THANK THE RANCHER WHO WORKED HARD TO GET IT OUT OF A COW. THANK THE TRUCK DRIVER WHO DROVE MILES AND MILES TO GET THAT STEAK TO YOUR MARKET. THANK THE MEN WHO BUILT YOUR CAR SO THAT YOU CAN GO TO YOUR MARKET TO BUY THAT STEAK. OK?! Yes, even you pansy liberal fools: LIKING THAT PIECE OF SPINACH YOU ARE MUNCHING ON? THANK THE FARMER WHO GREW IT, WASHED IT AND PICKED IT! THANK THOSE TRUCK DRIVERS WHO SHIPPED IT TO YOUR LIBERAL MOUTH! WE NEED THAT PIPELINE, YOU LIBERAL USEFUL IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU FOOLS? GOOD NIGHT! AMEN, Bill

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'll have more

As my supporters in Mississippi and all over the world know, my life has gone through a lot of upheaval in the past year. Due to ObamaNomics, I had to shutter my plumbing business and let my longtime workers and apprentices go. In my personal life, my wife Delores asked me for a legal separation. For several months, I bunked up with my Bible study partner Roosevelt while Delores and the boys Dale and Kyle have been living in the home that I built for them. So, what's a real man like me supposed to do? Well, thank The Lord Almighty for my aunt in North Georgia. She has a garage out back with living quarters over it. So, this past summer, I packed up the 150 along with my dog Couder and Roosevelt to live up in a place called Young Harris, Georgia.

As for work, I'm done. You can call me officially and forcefully retired due to this installed-"president." There was no way I could continue to do business as long as Hussein Obama is in office what with "his" heavy-handed draconian regulations and illegal health care requirements. I'm done just like the millions of doctors who couldn't take it any longer.

So here I am in my living quarters in North Georgia. What's a real man to do? I'm just getting my bearings here so stay with me my friends. I plan to spend full time spreading The Truth. Keep coming back here because I have a lot to say on so many topics.

God Bless and Amen, Bill

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Here I go again...

13 years. 13 years and I cannot believe it. What? What can't I believe? I cannot believe that this once-free nation has not learned one thing about jihad. Sorry, but this once-free nation is clueless. 13 years ago the jihadists attacked us on our very own soil. It has not happened since the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Even though Hawaii has been a friendly territory to the U.S., even that president back then knew who the enemy was, drew up a plan and won that war. Now, 13 years ago after Saddam attacked us on our own soil, we had an honorable man in The Oval Office who drew up a plan saying that we are in a different kind of war, a war that lasts forever. Forever? Yes! it's different now folks. We have been at war with an ideology. That ideology is not good because the enemy believes in death, just like a bigger version of the kamikaze fighters who could care less about their own lives while taking out thousands or perhaps millions of others. We in The West believe in life. Follow my rightful logic? OK, so if we believe in life and they believe in death, then they must die before they come here on our own soil before they die along with good people who believe in life. Get it? Well, Hussein Obama, Hairy Read and Nanny Pelosi DO NOT GET IT! On this date 13 years ago, a dictator attacked us. We rightfully fought back with a solid plan. Democracy came to Iraq, things were looking up to a better way of life. Something terrible happened on the way to a better life: America installed a failed community organizer who pulled the honorable President George W. Bush's state-of-the-art military from the region, waving the white flag of surrender. Jihadists took over rampaging through Iraq, raping, pillaging, beheading while building a caliphate that will no doubt stretch from Syria down to Tripoli, back over to Teheran into to Baghdad and well into Saudi Arabia. When this caliphate is complete, Israel will be left alone to fight these jihadists. My friends, we are in trouble on this 13th anniversary of September the 11th. We have not learned a darn thing! It's like we dropped our pants and we didn't even know it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS is winning and we just sit here like stupid Lefty McFlys

Once again, this "president" is leading from behind. "He" never had/does not have/will not have a solid, coherent strategy for dealing with worldwide jihadists because "he" does not understand the concept of jihad. Now that fact is established on this lefty blog, I will proceed to take my rightful main argument further. The current "administration" has never/does not/will never understand jihad. The roots of this began when they attempted to say that The War on Terror is over - WRONG! The free world will always be at war with jihadists and jihadist sympathizers. Now that that FACT has been established on this lefty blog, let me state very clear about that previous line: THE FREE WORLD WILL ALWAYS BE AT WAR WITH JIHADISTS AND JIHADIST SYMPATHIZERS. Do you Lefty McFlys know what that line describes? I'm gonna write it here and your jaws will drop to the floors as you soil yourselves. IT IS THE MAIN COMPONENT TO THE RIGHTFUL BUSH DOCTRINE! Now that you have all wet your beds, allow me to state that this once-free nation had a clear, concise plan to root out evildoers no matter where they exist. We were doing well during the rightful Gulf War II and even better after The Surge. Democracy flourished in Iraq and was ready to spread throughout the region. We were beating back the jihadists where they were hiding from Kabul to Baghdad and back over to The Gaza Strip. Well, my clueless lefty students here on the blog, what happened? How did we get here? I'll tell you the truth. The jihadists knew that we had a failed, weak-kneed community organizer installed into The Oval Office. Once this "leader" waved the white flag of surrender, jihadism exploded out of control now with this ISIS thug gang raping, murdering and beheading throughout where? Iraq! Oh my Lord! What happened? THIS IS COMPLETELY THIS "PRESIDENT'S" FAULT! Now, this "president" is back-tracking saying that "he's" going to take on "ISIL?" HAS THIS ONCE-NATION COMPLETELY LOST ITS MIND BY "VOTING" FOR THIS SECULAR-PROGRESSIVE FOOL? WE ARE NOW MORE UN-SAFE THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN! THE HOMELAND IS NOW AT RISK and what are you lefties doing? NOTHING! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! THE JIHADISTS ARE COMING FOR YOU AND I FOR ONE AM GETTING MORE PREPARED TO DEFEND MY PROPERTY AND FAMILY. ARE YOU? Do you think this "president" is going to protect you from these evildoers? If not "him," then who? Nanny Pelosi? Hairy Read? Bawney Fwank? STOP BEING SO FOOLISH! THIS PRESIDENT HAS PUT US AT RISK BECAUSE "HE" REFUSED TO MAKE THE TOUGH CHOICES THAT HIS PREDECESSOR CAREFULLY TOOK DURING HIS TWO SUCCESSFUL TERMS AS OUR HONORABLE PRESIDENT! WE HAVE TO STAND UP TO THESE THUGS - FROM THE JIHADISTS to Un to Putin to The Castro Brothers. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE DEFENDING THIS FAILED ADMINISTRATION. THEY HAVE RUINED OUR LIVES AND YOU LEFTIES ARE SITTING ON YOUR POLISHED WOOD TOWNHOUSE FLOORS WATCHING RACHEL MADDOW WHILE SIPPING ON COMMUNIST WINE AND DINING ON SNAILS LISTENING TO "HER" SECULAR-PROGRESSIVE LIES! I HAVE HAD IT! Amen, Bill

Friday, July 4, 2014

I Weep

On this July the Fourth, I am not celebrating. "What? Have you gone mad, Bill?" you might ask. The answer is a flat, "Yes." Why? Because I can no longer recognize this country. This was once a land of opportunity, where any man no matter what, could lay down stakes and make a life for himself and then his family. Those ideals have been shred by members of the Democrat Party and the Democrat Party alone. Whether any member calls herself a progressive, liberal, socialist, feminazi, communist or even a conservative Democrat Party member, they are all cut from the same anti-American cloth. It is THAT SIMPLE. The Democrat Party is responsible for the miserable State of this once-free Nation! "This is so terrible what you're saying on July the Fourth, Bill. We're all supposed to be one on this day!" you liberals would argue. I reply, "Tough Peanuts!" So, on this day, I DO NOT CELEBRATE! I WEEP! I cry right into my cherry pie because I'm sick and tired of how my freedoms have been taken away by this regime in Washington that is occupying The White House. A man can no longer get ahead in this life with Washington's draconian, collectivist, confiscatory fiscal "policies." So, I say that on this July the Fourth, remember the REAL JULY THE FOURTHS from the years of 1981-1988 when there was a real leader in The White House WHO DID NOT TAKE A VACATION FROM HISTORY thus making us vulnerable to jihadists and a man WHO CREATED JOB$ making life good for ALL OF US! I say to those who care about this once-free nation's future which are called WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with common sense): GET OFF YOUR DUFFS AND LET'S TURN THIS CONGRESS OVER TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN 2014 AND THEN WORK TO REMOVE THIS REGIME FROM THE OVAL OFFICE IN 2015! AMEN, BILL

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Southern Coalition Did Fine Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about all those folks here in The Southern Coalition of this once-free nation. For those out of the loop, The Southern Coalition of the United States of America are the states that have some common sense left. These are the great states that stand up to Washington, the libtard media and the UN. Yes, The Coalition unfortunately has a handful of useful idiot naive secular progressive fools who seem to be getting driven out - but that beautiful vision will take years. Anyway, WE THE PEOPLE (Tea Party Republicans/those with common sense) are the REAL folk who comprised The Southern Coalition-the states running from Texas to The Carolinas, back down to Florida, up through my state of Mississippi and the Peach and Volunteer states. Here's the thing folks, WE THE PEOPLE showed rugged individualism in these snow events. We got out on the roads, messed up a bit, helped each other out and at the end of the day, WE SURVIVED! Yes, we are smart not to have Yankee snow removal equipment BECAUSE IT BARELY SNOWS DOWN IN THESE PARTS - SO WE DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO USE COMMON SENSE, SAVE THE MONEY BY NOT BUYING THE EQUIPMENT AND THEN WE MAKE THE BEST OF IT ALL! Now, the honorable Governor Nathan Deal is a gentleman, scholar and all around good God fearing man WHO GOVERNS WITH COMMON SENSE AND HAS SHOWN TRUE LEADERSHIP THROUGHOUT THIS WINTER, FOLKS! GET OVER IT BECAUSE THE HONORABLE GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL IS ONE OF THE NATION'S BEST GOVERNORS! GOOD GRIEF LIBTARD MEDIA: GOVERNOR DEAL IS AN A-CLASS GOVERNOR WHO JUST SHOWED YOU FOOLS THAT HE IS A REAL MAN WHO MADE REAL DECISIONS. GET THIS LIBTARD MEDIA: GOVERNOR DEAL WILL BE RE-ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I FOR ONE, WILL BE LAUGHING AT YOU USEFUL IDIOTS IN THAT FAR-LEFT MEDIA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT YOU LIBTARDS THINK THAT JIMMAH CARTER'S GRANDSON COULD BEAT GOVERNOR DEAL?!!!! LAUGHABLE! WITH A STRONG FAITH AND A STRONG INTELLECT, THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO RE-ELECT THE HONORABLE GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL! WHO IS LAUGHING NOW? Do you all in the Peach State think that if you install an incompetent Marxist Democrat will make the state better? Believe me folks, Jimmah's grandson was indoctrinated with Marxist though since he was a 2-year-old. Do we really need another off-the-plantation-type from the Carter family in any political office!? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! Really? The same goes for Texas. Why would any of you in Texas vote for that sleaze-bag woman who believes in drive-thru abortions? IF TEXAS ELECTS THAT WOMAN, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY HOPE FOR THIS ONCE-FREE NATION! LIBERALISM is a sickness - just like being homosexual. Both problems can be fixed. SORRY THAT I AM NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT FOLK, BUT THEN AGAIN, I COULD CARE LESS. WAY TOO MANY OF YOU IDIOTS VOTED FOR THAT USELESS "president" Queen Hussein Obama. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW DUMB THIS ONCE-FREE NATION HAS BECOME OVER THE YEARS! GOOD NIGHT!

Monday, January 27, 2014

What in God's name is happening with The Holy See?

Now, I always loved The Pope and the good God fearing folk who support Him. When I was younger, I thought the Catholic folk were a little bit off the mark in their ways, but these past few years, I have grown to more than loving them. I knew that Pope John Paul II was the guy who stared down the socialistic and communistic fools and dictators. That Pope was real - kinda like the honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan or the honorable President George Walker Bush - two of the most fascinating real he-men leaders who were not afraid to DO WHAT WAS RIGHT! So, Pope John Paul rightfully passed on to the heavens. He was replaced by another good man who was NEVER AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT AND DO THE RIGHT THING. Both Pope John Paul and Cardinal Ratzinger spoke out against many sins including communism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, debauchery, taxism and most of all, baby-killing. WE NEED MORE LEADERS LIKE THESE HONORABLE MEN AND THEY ARE EITHER DYING OR LEAVING OFFICE! IT IS DISGUSTING! Now, we are stuck with this socialist "pope" who thinks it is OK to kill babies and do same sex fornicating in the public square! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE PEOPLE? Now this fake pope says that women should be strong in the workplace and church! WHAT? Has Lucifer arrived on Earth and taken our culture hostage? Women need not be in the workplace, period. If they all stayed home, taught their and our children, then we could rid ourselves of public screwels AND GET THIS: THERE WOULD BE MORE JOB$ FOR THE MEN WHO NEED TO BE WORKING! COMBINE THE FACT THAT IF WOMEN STAYED AT HOME, BECAME TEACHERS AND WE HAD REAL MEN IN CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRIES WHO WOULD CUT TAXE$, THEN JOB$ WOULD BE CREATED AND EVERYONE WOULD BE BUSY!!!!!!!! Folks, we have a Marxist in the Oval Office and an avowed pro-homosexual fake pope in charge over there in Rome. THIS CULTURE AND THIS WORLD ARE GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET! GOOD NIGHT!