Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mark My Words Here Today!

Obamacare is a massive failure that makes just as much sense as Prohibition. We all know how Prohibition turned out, right? Yes, it was repealed just like this failed experiment straight from the laboratory of Marx and Alinsky. Why can't we have more Men on this planet like the honorable Senator Ted Cruz instead of Queen Hussein Obama who has been imposing Marxist thought mixed in with elements of Sharia Law upon this once-free nation? Mark my words right here and now: Obamacare will be repealed once this installed "president" is impeached and rightfully removed from office in about two years from this moment. What? Ole Bill's gone nuts again? Well, maybe I'm crazy. I'm crazy about freedom, free markets, school choice, a culture of life, low/no taxe$, very little regulation and a strong America that stares down jihadists and dictators. Ole Bill is just sick and tired of political correctness. Now, here's Bill's Parting Shot: Why should any company or corporation fly their flags at half staff for Nelson Mandela? Here's a hint, folks: the guy wasn't American! No, this is NOT racism, my friends-it's just the the truth! My Bible study partner is a fine conservative African-American in the mold of Dr. Keyes and the honorable Herman Cain. So, NO, this is not about race one bit and if anyone thinks this Mandela thing is about race, well then, "he" is a racist himself! GOOD NIGHT! Amen, Bill