Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm back

I'm back because I cannot take it anymore. I have to be out here to express my rage at what has taken place since this once-free "nation" has re-elected a failed socialistic strategy for the future. The re-election of this failed president proves that the majority of this once-free nation is moronic, debaucherous and plain lazy. So here we all are with a failed president ready to lob missiles at Syria without Congress' approval. King Hussein of Washington is proving that "he" not only has a failed economic policy, but "he" has a miserably failed foreign policy which is all a recipe for quick impeachment/removal proceedings. Let me clue you in 'Lil Hussein: you boast about how you created jobs, but guess what? Most of those jobs are temporary or part time jobs. And oh yeah, looky here you doltish fool: COMPANIES ARE CUTTING BACK ON HOURS FOR THEIR WORKERS BECAUSE OF YOUR ILLEGAL FAILED HEALTHCARE PLAN! WELL, DUH!!!!!! Now, the DOW just dropped, you failed fool! THIS IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY, EVER!!!!!!!! Now back to Syria. "Sir," you don't have the character to command and lead forces in any country. Who is advising you? Oh yes, Commie-Lib America Hater Johnny-John F-ing Kerry. Really?! Gimme a break! This is a weak-kneed "administration" that has no problem letting the jihadists run amok while "he" goes dancing with America-haters Jay-Z and Beyonce. Listen Hussein Obama, you know that you're a hypocrite. You sat there as a failed liberal senator yakking about how we should not go to war when there was a rightful war being prosecuted. Now, here you are, a failed president with no fortitude, no character, a spineless jellyfish who is being laughed at by the jihadists. Those very jihadists know that we are weak and could decide to invade us at any moment. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK! WE NEED TO START NOW AND NOT GET LAZY. LET'S GET THE RIGHTFUL REPUBLICANS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS NOW!