Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hussein Obama's Most Un-excellent Adventure

Thursday, June 28, 2012 will be the new day that lives in infamy. You heard me right. Read it again. Do you know why? Because June 28, 2012 will mark the true cracks in the very failed Hussein Obama "administration." When the honorable Supreme Court of the United States strikes down the illegal ObamaCare "bill," 'Lil Hussein's "signature" piece of cow dung "legislation" will thankfully and finally go rightfully down the tubes-never to be bothered with again, thank the Lord Almighty. With a heavy dose of prayer for its failure, nationalized, socialized healthcare will be forever buried in the dustbin of this huge mistake in this once-free nation's history. So, when ObamaCare fails today, the rightful Republican Congress can move ahead and throw the dirt on its grave, thank the Lord Almighty. In January, President Romney will nail the coffin shut and businessmen like me will be freed from the shackles of big Godless governmental tyranny. Businessmen like me will once again hire workers and expand our businesses BECAUSE HUSSEIN OBAMA'S UNCERTAINTY WILL BE GONE FOREVER, thank the Lord Almighty. OK, now that illegal healthcare has died, next up: Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder will be rightfully taken into custody, be given a speedy trial and will hopefully be imprisoned for the rest of "his" natural life. This will pave the way for the illegal acts committed by Hussein Obama, Joe Biding-time, Nanny Pelosi, Hairy Reid and Bawney Fwank. With the Lord's help, all will be taken to Gitmo where they will be found guilty of their anti-American, heinous crimes in 2013, God-willing. I'm an optimist like the honorable President Ronald Reagan - and firmly believe that freedom will return to America's soil in January 2013. This nightmare orchestrated by this anti-colonialist, Kenyan-born dictator will thankfully come to a speedy end. Keep the faith and Amen. Love, Bill

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