Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm going to hold my nose and vote this fall

That's right folks, I'm going to take a clothespin with me to the polls come this November when I WILL vote for the honorable Governor Willard "Mitt" Romney. Am I P.O.'d about RomneyCare? HELL YEAH! Am I disgusted with a homosexual being Gov. Romney's #1 advisor? HELL YEAH! Am I upset about Gov. Romney's pro-death view when he was doing his best to run Taxachusetts? HELL YEAH! THEN WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH AM I VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY? ANSWER: BECAUSE AMERICA IS IN PERIL AND I KNOW THAT MITT ROMNEY KNOWS THAT AND THE GOOD MEN AND WOMAN WHO RAN AGAINST MITT IN THIS PRIMARY SCHOOLED HIM ON PROPER CONSERVATIVE VALUES, THAT'S WHY! Oh yes, there's another reason why I'm voting Romney this fall: BECAUSE HUSSEIN "NO JOBS/DOWNGRADE" OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THIS ONCE-FREE NATION'S HISTORY AND "HE" CONTINUES TO DESTROY IT! HUSSEIN OBAMA MUST BE STOPPED NOW! No, Herman did not get the nomination. No, Speaker Gingrich did not get the nomination. IT'S THE REAL WORLD, FOLKS. SOMETIME YOU CAN'T GET YOUR FAVORITE MAN IN THE RACE TO WIN! I'm getting re-booted, folks. We need to be unified and energized. I will be taking Roosevelt with me in our Tea Party hats down to Tampa. We are going to make our voices heard and MAKE SURE THAT WE PUT MITT ROMNEY IN THE OVAL OFFICE COME JANUARY 2013 WHEN THIS ONCE-FREE NATION WILL SEE THE END OF AN ERROR!