Monday, February 13, 2012

Kindergarten Lesson

I heard about a kindergarten lesson that is being forced upon young children that favors Hussein Obama. My friends, WE THE PEOPLE in the patriotic tea party NEED TO WAKE UP and counter this drivel with our own lesson that presents true facts!

The following is a kindergarten lesson that I pray will be introduced in school throughout The Fruited Plain:

Herman Cain, Herman Cain
It rhymes with train
Get on the train with Herman Cain

He’s the man, with the plan
Called 9-9-9
And it’s the time
For 9-9-9

9-9-9 is something fair
It’s something fair
‘Cause Herman cares

Herman cares
‘Cause he wants good jobs
Jobs are good
For the neighbor-hood

Jobs keep Daddy off the streets,
Off the streets
And in-to
Walmart is where Daddy’s complete

Herman Cain
The pizza man
Man with the plan
The plan with common sense

Common sense
It’s been missing
From our govern-ment
Govern-ment really sucks
It takes away Daddy’s bucks.

Daddy’s bucks are taken away,
From the private sector
To the public trough

The public trough,
Where moochers get dropped off,
Get dropped off,
To get their checks

Herman Cain
Plays good golf,
He’s plays good golf
‘Cause he likes to play
Likes to play
‘Cause he likes white balls.

Herman Cain
Went to Morehouse
It’s a school,
A school to learn,
We don’t learn
In government schools.

Herman’s great children,
Will go to Morehouse
Go to Morehouse,
We hope that we
Will go to Morehouse
On the Cain Train