Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hebrews for Herman

I'm sick and tired, but I'm not giving up. About one year ago, Roosevelt and I were one of the very first folk who called on the honorable Mr. Herman Cain to run for president. We now know that it was God and Sweet Baby Jesus who spoke to us one year ago and told us to push the movement forward to get this man in the rightful Republican primary for president of the once-free United States of America. One year later, look at what happened! Herman Cain surged to the top of the polls! This honorable, decent, caring, competent leader is well on his way to the White House! But of course, the lamestream libtard media has painted a huge sign on the man's back that says, "KICK ME!"

Guess what, you elitists: THIS MAN IS GOING TO TEAR Y'ALL TO SHREDS!

We all now know what's going on. Some stupid feminazi moron of a "woman" has accused Mr. Cain of harassment. There's no evidence, not ONE SHRED! But the libtard media is talking about this bogus story every single minute, trying to destroy a real man who CAN AND WILL save this once-free nation from ruin!

I'm not going to waste my breath saying how stupid, how dumb, how idiotic this all is. I think this is worse than what those radicalized lesbian feminists did to Justice Thomas over 20 years ago.

Herman Cain is a man of upstanding and fine moral character. I would put him up against Bubba Clinton and John-John Edwards any day, any minute of the week! Secular socialistic progressives are the ones that the liberal media ought to be examining!

For the love of God and Sweet Baby Jesus, LEAVE HERMAN CAIN ALONE!

Now, I know that Herman love the Hebrews. He wears a pin on his lapel for the rightfully democratic state of Israel. I'm with Herman and every single sane Jewish person on this planet who isn't a naive moron needs to know that Herman will fight for you people and your state. I'm asking the real Hebrews out there to support Herman Cain in his battle against the secular progressive media and in his quest to get into the White House in January 2013.


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