Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years

10 years. Lord Almighty, 10 Years. I'm at a laptop at my church watching FOX News covering the September the 11th ceremonies. My Lord, Delores, 10 years. 10 years since Saddam Hussein with the help of Usama bin Laden struck on our soil. 10 years, honey. I thank Sweet Baby Jesus the my church, beautiful Delores, sons Dale and Kyle got me through that day. Now, so many mistakes have been made since that day. Secular Progressive Socialist-Democrat folk have weakened us, said that we should not bring the fight to those who brought it to us. Yes, with the resolve of the honorable President George W. Bush, VP Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of the Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, they fought the good fight, beat the Taliban back, captured Saddam like a rat and killed him. Years later, President Bush's hard work paid off when one of his men killed the helper Usama, who really wasn't the biggest part of the problem. But still, Socialist-Democrat folk came in and still brought us down with the reckless spending which brought on this double dip recession. Those Socialist-Democrat folk wished to take hard-earned dollars from the rightful wars and defense and re-direct those funds to Godless lazy deadbeats. That disgusting Congress that was sworn in in 2007 with Nanny Pelosi and Hairy Reid weakened us. Bawney Frank, Liberal Johnny Lewis, Socialist Denny Kucinich and Communist Berny Sanders showed to people like Usama that we were weak. Yes, we fired a lot of them, but still they run the United States Senate. Then, Hussein "No Jobs" Obama came in, created a recession, weakened the military, took away a culture of life, kicked out God of everything, created an illegal expensive health care "bill," instituted draconian environmental rules and most of all, "he" put us out of work. This is a Kenyan-born jihadist sympathizer who is aiding those who wish to build a caliphate that will extend from Tripoli to Teheran. I'm in my house of worship and I pray for this nation's future. I pray that a rightful God-fearing man or even woman, will take control of this country. I know in my heart that the American folks who make the right decision and bring freedom back to our once-free soil.

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