Wednesday, July 27, 2011

$top the $pending, NOW!

I'm sick and tired, but not sick and tired enough to stay off of the Internets. I'm sick and tired of Wa$hington $pending my hard-earned dollar$ on handouts to society's deadbeats, abortionists, feminists and seculars. Y'all know something? I'm not surprised. Hussein Obama promised throughout his whole 2008 campaign about the damage he was ready to do on this once-free nation's economy. As rational folk from Real America begged Lil Hussein that 1. the rightful Bush tax cuts were working and it just needed time to continue working 2. the rightful Bush Surge in Iraq was rightfully working, but of course, Lil Hussein didn't want to listen 3. the Republican Agenda of pro-growth, low/no taxe$ brings prosperity to all.

No, Hussein Obama didn't listen. He and his thugs in the campaign and then his administration, the union thugs, enviro-whackos, anti-business folk, Communists/Socialists, feminists, seculars, anti-military folk and far left liberal college professors bought and paid for this "president" and then installed him into office.

Now, we are dealing with this anti-colonialist Kenyan-born Muslim who wishes to raise the debt ceiling and WE THE PEOPLE ARE SAYING NO TO MORE BIG GOV'T SPENDING, PERIOD!

Speaker Boehner has upset me plenty even though I love him. He didn't stand enough with the Ryan Plan and for that, I really feel that Speaker Boehner needs a Tea Party Republican primary challenger to send a message to him. But, if he doesn't hold to his rightful Cut and Cap plan, then he and his supporters are fired next year, pure and simple.