Monday, May 2, 2011

They got Usama?

OK, so they say Saddam Hussein's partner-in-crime is dead. Their cousin, Hussein Obama, is now going around making the hit all about him. Me, me, me, me, I'm Hussein Obama and I killed Usama bin Laden - WRONG! This is just a blip on the radar and WE THE PEOPLE can see right through what this installed-president is doing. It's all about next year's election. Look at me, I'm Hussein Obama, a Kenyan-born anti-colonialist who was installed as president that that I can implement Shariah Law on America while naively rushing in members of al-Qaeda through Mexico and Godless/Gunless Canada. Oo-wee! C'mon folks, can't you see that this is a big show put on my 'Lil Hussein?

Why are we forgetting the more important victory that took place in 2006? It was the death of the real mastermind, Saddam Hussein, the man who worked closely with Usama as a lieutenant to carry off September the 11th? Where were you when the world stood still and where were you when Saddam Hussein was rightfully hanged for all of his crimes?

OK, now where's the body? Hmm, I thought so. Y'all can't answer that one. Is Saddam's brother really dead and should we really care if he is? They say the body is at sea. It's probably out there with the real longform birth certificate and college records.

Big deal that we got Usama. He wasn't the real deal. Plus, there are millions of jihadists running around the earth ready to inflict pain on the West at any given moment. WE THE PEOPLE can easily see through Hussein Obama's charade.

Amen and God Bless

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