Monday, May 16, 2011

Herman needs the Colbert Bump

It's a fact that me and Roosevelt were the first people on the planet to endorse Herman Cain for president. I think we knew Herman was qualified for president even before Herman himself knew. Herman just needed someone like me who is always right to tell him.

Now, I don't like that Comedy Central channel with all of its liberalism for the most part. Sometimes I watch it if Mr. Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy are on. But, I want folks to join me in getting Herman on that Colbert fella's show. I know that "Mr." Colbert mocks us conservatives, but a lot of folks watch him. So, if WE THE PEOPLE can get Mr. Cain on that Colbert fella's show, more people will get to see Mr. Cain and give him the bump just like what happened to the honorable Governor Huckabee three years ago.

So now that Mr. Cain listened to people like me and Roosevelt, get behind us and DRAFT HERMAN TO GET THE COLBERT BUMP!

Also, guess what, Roosevelt and me are packing up the 150 and heading to Atlanta to see Mr. Cain make his official announcement for running for president!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO! We will see you there Atlanta!

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Tristan Ohmacht said...

Republicans need Rick Perry, not Cain. Perry can beat Obama. He's the only candidate with a snowball's chance.

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