Monday, April 11, 2011

You're fired

Dear Mr. Speaker:
I love you. I mean I really love you. You're a hard-working, God-fearing man who I believed in for a long, long time. WE THE PEOPLE in the Tea Party believed that you would cut out the government spending. I believed that you would promote a culture of life and return God into the government agenda and public screw-els.

But, guess what: you're fired.

What? Bill, you're crazy y'all are probably saying. The folks in church and our NASCAR group had their jaws on the floor when I was telling them that I'm calling for Speaker Boehner to resign. Why? YOU DIDN'T CUT ENOUGH SPENDING! Again, I love you, but I will do anything to see a Tea Party Republican in that Ohio district to remove you because YOU LIED!


ANSWER: CUT THE SPENDING! Cut the spending on Planned Parenthood which is sucking all of us dry! Cut Mediraid! "But, Bill, Defense takes so much of our money!" you dumb liberals scream. WRONG! Our Founding Fathers said that we need a good defense so leave it alone. This country needs to double up in places like Iraq and stare down the jihadists wherever they may exist. We need strong borders to keep the criminals out. If anything, triple up on Gitmo and put more feet on the ground where drugs are running in the South Americas where dictators like Chavez and Castro run the show. We need more good men in North Korea and Iran where they're building nukes! THERE IS STILL AN AXIS OF EVIL AND YOU DUMB COMMIE LIBS WANT TO CUT DEFENSE? WHAT? We need to protect the Hebrews from the jihadists, too and you communist blood suckers want to remove the US of A out of the Middle East? YOU'RE ALL STUPID! WE NEED TO CUT THESE STUPID ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS NOW!!!!! NOW!!!! AND MR. BOEHNER, YOU FAILED ME. YOU FAILED THE TEA PARTY! CUT THE SPENDING! CUT THE SPENDING! CUT THE SPENDING!

I'm praying that the Honorable Herman Cain, Speaker Gingrich, Mr. Trump and the very Honorable Rep. Paul Ryan WHO HAS THE GUTS TO TELL EVERYONE TO CUT THE SPENDING!


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