Thursday, March 24, 2011

A revelation

I don't care if you're shocked: Japan received a message from the Lord Almighty. When the Lord shakes the ground, He's telling you that you must be with Him. It's a reminder. We talked about this in Bible Study and everyone agreed-including Mrs. Flowers. Last night, I went further and since the folks in town think that I'm the smart one, they look up to me. My rightful theory is: Where's "President" Hussein Obama on this? What did he know and when did he know it about this message from the Lord? I have an answer: 'Lil Hussein didn't know because he doesn't pray to the Lord; he prays to Allah.

Now, I'm OK with good folk who pray to Allah if they produce oil for the civilized world. The Bushes love those type of Muslims and so do I. Trust me, Mrs. Flowers and the group gives me heat for this, but at the end of Bible Study, we hug and kiss. But, my theory went over with the group and I now know that I'm right! Everyone in the group gasped because I made too much common sense.

OK, so Hussein Obama once again, messed up on Japan. Now, he's messing up on Libya. Guess what 'Lil Hussein: WE CANNOT AFFORD YOUR UNPLANNED, MISGUIDED MILITARY ADVENTURE! So when Colonel Khaddafy Duck goes back into his palace and begins to form a caliphate, Hussein Obama will have run up his deficit by about 300%. Folks, we owe, we owe, we owe and this "president" just doesn't care. He not only brought up the deficit, but "he" raised taxe$, got rid of a culture of life, rejected the rightful doctines of Bush and Powell and somehow has flushed Pat Boone from popular culture.