Monday, February 7, 2011

Remembering Ronald Wilson Reagan

At the time I was recovering from the drink and didn't know that a legend was visiting the right Philadelphia in my state. I only wish I was good off enough to see this man who I learned to love a few short years later. I was a bit suspicious about this man from California. That's where the Communist yippies came from, I thought. So, then I would get to know that Mr. Reagan took these anti-Americans head-on for many years! One of my counselors showed me Mr. Reagan's films, TV commercials and this record about socialized medicine. I was hooked.

As I grew older I loved him more and more. The Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan guides me in my life behind God, Sweet Baby Jesus and Bob Eubanks. This man literally saved this country from ruin after the disaster of a man, Jimmah Carter. As a fellow Southerner I am beyond disgusted with Jimmah who still embarrasses this area. Jimmah is a stuck-on-stupid anti-Semite. Anyway, Mr. Reagan cleaned up Jimmah's mess and put us on a path to prosperity and taught this nation to love God, free markets and Kajagoogoo.

I only wish that we had a man like Mr. Reagan in office now -- a man who can stare down Islamo-Fascism. Egypt is falling and what is Hussein Obama doing? He's going to let the brotherhood take over Egypt. Then they'll join Iran who will take over Iraq, Jordan, the UAE and Oman. That is when they try to push Israel off into the sea. The jihadists are coming and too many people are asleep at the wheel. When will everyone in America wake up and understand that we have dictators in the Middle East, Cuba, Africa, North Korea, China and down in Venezuela! Our way of life is being threatened and what are people doing? They're worshipping Hussein Obama, Nanny Pelosi, Hairy Reid and Bawney Frank!

WE THE PEOPLE need to get Lil Hussein to resign and bring back Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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