Saturday, February 12, 2011

A caliphate is coming!

So the good Muslims of Egypt are celebrating in the streets that they got rid of their dictator and I'm happy for them. I pray that one day we can trade with each other. I guess that they might have some good old-fashioned oil over there and maybe they have some great rugs we can buy. But, I'm sorry folks, that's a dream. You see, we have a weak-kneed "president" who is not staring down the brotherhood jihadists. The Honorable President Ronald Reagan stared down the Soviet Union and Gorbachev with a strong, "Nyet!" Of course Mr. Reagan was going to build the patriot important missile defense system and no Communist was going to tell him otherwise. Mr. Reagan stood at that wall and didn't ask Mr. Gobry to pull that wall down -- HE TOLD HIM TO AND GUESS WHAT? IT CAME DOWN NOT MUCH LONGER AFTER THAT DEMAND!!!!!!!! Now, we have a weak president who happens to be related to these people in Egypt. Do you think he could tell them to knock off the terrorism thing and install a Democracy? NO! Do you know why? Because Hussein Obama is one of those Muslims who backs off from the jihadists. Right now, we are seeing Hussein Obama cutting and running from Iraq. That will leave up a vacuum for Al-Qaeda in Iraq to take over and form a coalition with Iran who will eventually take over Iraq - thus wiping out the name Iraq. Then, they'll form a coalition with the brotherhood in Egypt creating a major caliphate. This caliphate will take over all the other countries in the area stretching from Libya to Oman to the UAE to Jordan and beyond. Folks, we are heading down the path to ruin whereby the strongest will be left standing. My prediction will be an all-out Mideast War in which Western forces will have no choice but to help to protect Israel which will be victim to an all-out shelling involving more than SCUD missiles, but nuclear delivery systems coming straight out of Teheran, Cairo, Baghdad, Amman and Beirut! Once Israel is taken over and called Palestine, there will be a wide caliphate which will join with the Communist Chinese that will have their eyes on Western democracies. Lookout England! Lookout Australia! And look out here on U.S. soil! LOOKOUT!
NOW IS THE TIME TO STOCK UP AND BE READY! Is anyone out there? Y'all are just going about yer DAILY BUSINESS?! WHAT?! A caliphate is being formed and Y'ALL COULD CARE LESS?! WHAT?!

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