Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's a new year and a new day in America, land of the once-free, home of a lot of bedwetting whimps. OK, the U.S. House will be under new management thank the Lord Almighty, but there is so much work to be done and that's why WE THE PEOPLE in the patriotic Tea Party cannot back down - EVER!

We already have traitors within our ranks. These eight Godless soon-to-be-former members of the honorable Republican Party voted to get rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell:

Traitor Number One: Richard Burr of North Carolina

Traitor Number Two: Mark Kirk of Illinois

Traitor Number Three: John Ensign of Nevada

Traitor Number Four: Scott Brown of Massachusetts

Traitor Numer Five: George Voinovich of Ohio

Traitor Number Six: Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Strong Traitor Number Seven: Olympia Snowe of Maine

Strong Traitor Number Eight: Susan Collins of Maine

These "people" sold out their principles to make things nice for the far-left big government whackos in Congress and this once-free nation.

It is a fact that most of the United States Marines never wanted to touch Don't Ask, Don't Tell. THEY'RE RIGHT! Do you know why? Because combat is a different life than the life of Secular Olympia Snowe who probably gets to shower without any rough women in her home or in the Senate offices in Godless Washington.

None of these traitors knows the life of combat today. The men are close, very close and they don't want someone asking them about how to decorate the foxholes or any other holes or God-forbid, falling in love with them when they need to think about taking out the jihadists. Do you understand, Senator Collins? You Godless secular tool of Hollyweird's David Geffen and Ted Danson?

Those of you up for re-election: YOU'RE ON NOTICE! WE THE PEOPLE won't forget your betrayal. WE THE PEOPLE do not forgive! What makes this country great? It's our men in uniform who take an oath to protect and honor. What do you do, Scott Brown-who I had a lot of faith in? What do you do? You betrayed me! You lied to the nation and Taxachusetts! And what about you, "Mr." Ensign? How do you sleep at night? Yes, I know it's with a transvetite prostitute, but still, how do you sleep at night with a transvetite prostitute lying next to you? Oh, Miss Murkowski! Why are YOU even still there? A rightful Tea Party man of honor and dignity was denied his vote and now denied to serve the good people of Alaska. Miss Murkowski, I will help anyone come up there to defeat you next time out. You are a disgrace.

God Bless,

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