Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK would have been a conservative today

It's MLK Day and I'm working. What? You're racist, Bill. I've heard that from all kinds of folk out there on that Twitterverse. Guess what, they're all these dumb lefties from the coasts. They just don't get it. Don't get me wrong-I love Doctor King and do you know why? Because Doctor King would be a conservative. What? You need to check into a mental ward in a straightjacket with yer wrench up your fat butt. Actually that last part doesn't sound so bad, but let's get back to the subject. Doctor King would be a conservative today. "But Bill, the tea partiers would have lynched him because they're a bunch of racists," you SPs would say. Guess what?! Yer all wrong! Doctor King talked about family values, self-reliance and hard work. All those things fall under the Tea Party banner! Sorry, you dumb Communist Doctor Cornel West with yer "Race Matters" crap. Guess what, I'm best buddies with a black conservative here in Mississippi and he and a lot of other African-Americans (notice how I never say colored, Dr. West) don't like yer style at all which is filled with the Nanny State or what we should call, The Nancy State, because that wiccan is still around in big government. Anyway, on this day, everyone should be in school and work because MLK would have wanted it that way. He believed in hard work and self-reliance. Some of my friends and family here in MS say that MLK was a Communist 'cause he was against the rightful Vietnam War. I say that might have been true back then, but as I think about it, he would have changed his mind. I politely tell them that they're wrong and that MLK would be a black conservative like my friend Roosevelt. It wouldn't have taken long for MLK to find out that he was wrong the rightful Vietnam War which was a method to rid the world of evil Communists. So, there you have it, MLK would be a conservative if he were alive today. So let's not remember the MLK of the past. Let's remember what MLK would be today: a good conservative preaching about the family, self-reliance, the FAIR Tax and his love of tea partiers and his commitment to a strong military that is stopping the jihadists.
God Bless and Amen,


Jim Johnson said...

Yo Bill, Some of my best friends are black too! And MLK was not just against the war (of course he'd have given up his pacifism to embrace your claims - imagine the Gandhian strategy for winning in Vietnam!); but he also was for a guaranteed income and supported trade unions ... among other things How many of his positions would you have to understand before seeing that this post is hallucinatory?

Jim Johnson said...

PS: Bill, you really ought to read what that dastardly communist Professor West writes about the importance of families.