Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The beginning of the end for Obamacare

The liberal media says that WE THE PEOPLE don't care about repealing the illegal bill known as Obamacare. They say that WE THE PEOPLE aren't dedicated to the core values that made this once-free nation great. They say that WE THE PEOPLE are stupid, uninformed and racist. WHAT?

Attention secular-progressive media: WE AREN'T GOING AWAY! The rightful Republican House will vote to end Obamacare. They said and now they will DO IT! Why? Obamacare covers the needy, the sick, the tired, you idiots thinks. Guess what? I'm tired of hearing this garbage! This illegal bill will go down. But, the Senate is still in Socialist-Democrat hands, you say. NOT FER LONG! Look at that nice Hebrew independent. You stupid Socialist-Democrats scare him away. And then there are a few others who are leaving. ALL WILL BE REPLACED BY RIGHTEOUS REPUBLICANS! AMEN!

When the rightful Republicans vote to end Obamacare, it will send a message to Hussein Obama and every dumb stuck-on-stupid secular progressive Democrat that yer days are NUMBERED!

And you know who will have killed Obamacare? WE THE PEOPLE in the patriotic Tea Party, that's who!

Look at this disgusting liberal mainstream media, giving hell to Miss Sarah and Miss Christine. It's sickening! Trust me, gals, liberalism fails just like Communism. Their walls will collapse in their own political earthquake.

God Bless,

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