Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why is FOX News Number One?

The dominant liberal media culture has always been around with Communists like Edward "I never met a Pinko that I didn't like" Murrow through the Cronkite and Rather years all the way up to Socialist-Democrat Party members Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

When Rush brought back talk radio, he created an alternative to this dominant liberal media culture that subverted the country through "investigative reporting." Folk like Roger Ailes took the idea to television and brought it to the masses who realized that there is finally a news outlet that they can identify with and the proof has been in the pudding for over a decade.

It's a fact that this has been a conservative center-right nation from its founding. Over the past 70 years, we have had Hollyweird and the left-wing media shove leftist values down our throats with movies and TV programming filled with the enviro-whackos' view of the world, anti-family values, anti-religiousness, anti-businessism and pro-taxism.

It was a disgrace how the left-wing media viewed conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Phyllis Schlafly, Antia Bryant and the Rev. Jerry Falwell while giving the Kennedys, Jimmah Carter, Bill Clinton and now Hussein Obama the star-glitzy Hollyweird royal red carpet treatment.

Finally, FOX News came along and called out the leftists onto their red carpet. Let's look at the results: Most of the sane members of this nation watch FOX News and only the blowhard elites in the Godless Northeast and Left Coast are watching the other cable news nets.

Facts are facts and no one can argue with them. FOX News is THE news leader because they tell the truth and the others have a leftist agenda which is harmful to this once-free nation.

Let's look at the recent election night. Who won? What? I didn't hear you, you stupid secular-progressive September 10th fools! OF COURSE IT WAS FOX! And now FOX will be doing something dynamic that no other network can do: they will be picking the 2012 GOP presidential nominee this upcoming year! Stay tuned and watch this unprecedented phenomenon. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds with Glenn, Sean, Bill O', Greta, Ann, Brian, the Dooce and rest of the gang. Take that, you Godless secular-progressive idiots at the other networks!

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