Sunday, December 12, 2010


I know that y'all know what SCOTUS stands for - The Supreme Court of the United States. I'm here to tell everyone about The New SCOTUS: The Southern Coalition of the United States.

I've been talking about The Southern Coalition for years, but lately, I've seen people giving it a bad rap. Why? They think that the idea is racist. Well, I'm here to tell y'all that the critics are racist. They don't want opportunity for all. They just want handouts for some and those handouts come from the achievers. The Southern Coalition would put an end to all of this nonsense.

Supporters of the Southern Coalition of the United States are not racist by any means. My best friend, Roosevelt is a fine African-American man who is a huge supporter of this coalition idea. WE THE PEOPLE in the South feel that the federal government in Washington has grown way too much and has invaded our decisions down here. This is not about returning to the Confederacy which was right in its day when it came to how the North was using our dollar$ for its own gain. We’re in a similar position today. From Texas to the GA Coast up to Tennessee and down to Louisiana and Florida, we thrive better than the rest of the country. If these great states banded together to say, “We are going to be a force of one where we state the trade issues, currency, health care laws, enviro laws and education.” For far too long, Washington politicians have been dictating a rabidly liberal secular ideals down our throats.

Folk like me and Roosevelt say enough is enough. Enough of Bawney Frank handing out home loans to deadbeats. Enough of Nancy Wiccan Pelosi forcing debauchery down our throats. Enough of Hussein Obama raising taxe$ on us! Enough of Harry Reid telling us that we’re stupid. If you love your state and country, then you would be a supporter of the Southern Coalition of the United States. Am I nuts? I’m nuts about freedom. I’m nuts about jobs. I’m nuts about opportunity. I’m nuts about prosperity for all!

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