Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My guvna

First Miss Sarah. Then Miss Christine. Now it's Haley. I'm sick and tired of the far left mainstream media going after women and men of fine upstanding moral character. All over that Socialist PMSNBC yesterday was trash talk about my governor, the Honorable Governor Haley Barbour. Governor Barbour is a man who believes in faith, family, country and Pat Boone.

How dare those secularists Scarborough and his anti-American friends falsify everything Haley meant. Let me explain you traitors: Governor Barbour and hundreds of others like him in Yazoo City knew from the get-go that the Klan lost its way. WE KNEW THEY WERE WRONG AND WOULD RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN! Guess what? You wouldn't know that by watching PMSNBC!!!!!! All you would get is them saying that Haley and the rest of us in Mississippi are racists. WRONG! Come on down here, Mr. Scarborough and meet Roosevelt, a man of color who I have been proud to call my best friend for over 30 years!!!!! Roosevelt is far more dedicated to the Ronald Reagan legacy than you ever will. Plus, Roosevelt is a God-fearing family man who believes in low/no taxe$, a culture of life, honor, duty, country more than anyone at PMSNBC and FOX News combined!

So Haley was looking at the girls rather than listening to Dr. King. It's nature you moron liberals! I was looking at girls, too. You know who was listening? Roosevelt. Today, Roosevelt carries a lot of what Dr. King said and guess what, you idiots: Roosevelt says that Doctor King would be a conservative these days! YES! Dr. King would be for the FAIR Tax, family values and dollars for the churches.

So, where does anyone get off trashing one of this country's best governors ever? It's because Haley Barbour is a Southern white conservative religious gentleman. THERE'S NOTHING MORE TO EXPLAIN THIS! This fine governor grew our state and has fought for fairer taxation, educational choice, jobs and my rights as a businessman. So, GIVE 'EM HELL, HALEY! RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND ANNOY THE SECULAR FAR LEFT MEDIA THAT WANTS TO DO YOU IN!


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