Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love the sinner

Now, I love the gays because they're part of life. I even like this Elton John fella who I followed for most of my life. I'm just not comfortable with his personal choices and things that he says off the stage - especially about religion. Now, I hear that he has a baby in the house with his "husband."

"But Bill, Elton and his partner are in love and they'll make great parents. You're so ignorant," says any of you secular-progressives out there.

Well, you have a right to express your incorrect feelings and I have a right to express my accurate opinions so help me God!

Like I said a million times before: I'm not politically correct and I could care less. The last time I checked it was supposed to be a free nation whereby I can say what I want so as long as no one gets hurt. Well, I'm here to say that homosexuality is like cannibilism and that's that. I don't need to say any more than that. It's how I feel and it's a centerpiece of my crusade.

Just because Mr. Elton over there in England, Italy or in that secular part of Atlanta has a "husband" who is lean, muscular, tanned with a square jaw and dresses nice, doesn't make him so darn special and doesn't give him the right to say that God is dead. When he says that, he's committing an abomination and ultimately, treason. Now, he's just some guy who sings and plays piano, so he cannot do as much damage as Bawney Frank. But enough folk listen to what he says where he can contribute to moral decay whereby the gays concentrate on decorating their fox holes in the military to putting up those steamy bathhouses where unlimited sexual debauchery happens.

The Lord Almighty will judge Mr. Elton on his actions. We will see how that one turns out.

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