Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving

I'm still tasting the fried turkey and cherry pie. I love you Delores White. You make me, Dale and Kyle want to grace this earth for another 100 years. I'm thankful for you and your many curves. Dale and Kyle, you're my boys and I love you, but not in that sissy kind of way. What else do I have to be thankful for? For starters, the Honorable Speaker-in-Waiting Representative John Boehner. Sir, you are going to be like Paul Revere riding into the House to tell everyone one that the liberals and higher taxe$ are coming! Once you fight these weak humans to the death, you will bring back the wholesome qualities that made America great.

WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back. For far too long, we have been living under the shackles of tyranny and oppresssion in the form of illegal health care, high taxe$, environmentalism and Godlessness. I'm sorry to report that it's not enough to have a Republican House. We need a solid Republican Senate, White House, military and Supreme Court. Only then, will we see our lives improve.

Under Hussein Obama, we are furthering our moral decay. Children are on the pill. Fewer folk are attending church. Marriage is dying on the vine by the minute. Our military is being weakened into a pansy operation by turning it into a social playground experiment. They're going shirtless in the Oval Office-thus disrespecting the office more than Bubba Clinton and Jimmah Carter ever could imagine.

It's gone downhill and getting worse. There will be some relief when the Honorable Mr. Boehner rightfully gets the gavel from that witch in January. But folks, there's a lot more work to be done. First off, WE THE PEOPLE need to hold the Republicans accountable. If they cannot control out-of-control spending, then fire them and replace them with real Republicans. Next, we need to work hard to oust every single rotten Democrat out of their jobs. I don't care if it's in Liberal California or Taxachusetts, WE THE PEOPLE can prevail! While all that's going on, WE THE PEOPLE need to get a solid presidential candidate out of the gate and fast! Will it be Mitt Romney? Miss Sarah? Mr. Cheney? Mr. Rumsfeld? Gov. Pawlenty? Let's get this thing started, folks!

So, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Now, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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