Friday, October 15, 2010


It's official. We The People in the Tea Party are going to win enough seats to begin the challenge to stop Obamacare! When I heard this, I nearly spit out Delores' cherry pie this morning! Delores says that I have a certain kick in my step and around 9 a.m. I may put off a few calls to spend some time with my bride upstairs if you know what I mean.

I think somehow I made a difference by telling people here in town, at church, at all the rallies about how Hussein Obama is a Kenyan Muslim plant who is hellbent on destroying our free markets to make way for Sharia Law in this country.

Now, I'm hearing and reading that states rights is going to be healthy, strong and ready to fight Obamacare which means this Socialistic plan will fail miserably - giving We The People time to inform our honorably elected congressmen the time and resources to start impeachment hearings.

In a very short time, We The People will get to choose our schools, doctors and F150s that patriotically consume patriotic oil. Taxe$ will be low or non-existent and just about everything will be privatized except for my aunt's Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and any other assistance that her hard-working husband (who went to Georgia Tech on the GI Bill) earned, dammit!

My dreams are finally coming true and it's because more folk are listening to me. Amen and God Bless!


D said...

juuuuuust two things about your post Mr. Bill:

1) I understand you want the president to appear to be as muslim as possible for you and your hate filled followers, but EVERYONE knows that his first name is not Hussein, it is Barack. Feel free to use either his full name (which is what he goes by, and if you were a respectful person you would use this) Barack Hussein Obama or simply refer to him as Obama. Either way shows that you are a respectful person, not just another idiot :)

2) "giving We The People time" please also try to demonstrate that you actually learned something in school, i.e GRAMMAR!! it should read: "giving US the people time"

I hope you didn't get too excited to see that you FINALLY have a comment on your blog.
You show the same views as Ann Coulter, and I'm sure you're right: should anything happen to your wife (I personally hope she wakes up someday to realize that she is married to an absolute lunatic who only gets hard for her when he hears about health care..) you and Ann will most likely become the new hated couple of the United States. That is if Ann doesn't figure out shes a lesbian before that.

Lo saludo atentamente (you wouldn't know what that means, I'm assuming you're also one of the nuts against learning other languages right?)


Bill White-God, Guns, Country and Toby Keith said...

Secular Progressives like you don't understand that America was built upon freedom. Hussein Obama deserves to be referred to as such because he doesn't believe in freedom. Hussein Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth.

If you like the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda which is thankfully failing, then look into moving to a Godless bastion of Socialism like Norway, Finland or Denmark.

WE THE PEOPLE could care less about learning other languages. In America, WE speak English.

Now, I take heat for hiring hard-working God-fearing folk from south of the border. I don't really need to know their language, I can just point out directions and they know what I mean. I still think we need to put up a good wall at the border and these fine Mexican men can do that for us at a low price.

Danja, you are obviously a Godless Socialist who hates America. On November 2, you will see that your president will no longer be in charge. The good folk in the Tea Party are now calling the shots.