Friday, September 10, 2010

You dumb September 10th McFlys!

I honor this day to you dumb secular progressive liberals who on this day nine years ago, haven't changed your stupid brains. You all act as if no one stormed our airspace to perform the deadliest act on our soil. On this day only nine years ago, Saddam Hussein was plotting his heinous Godless act on us and what were you dumb liberals doing? You all were sitting on your skinny duffs drinking fine wine and coffee while the jihadists are preparing to invade us. Mark my words, this will happen again, only worse. You all haven't learned a thing since September 11th. That is why I call you September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys who support dumb Democrat candidates and incumbents. You are all a worse threat to America's freedom and survival than dictators like Hussein.

Now we have our own Hussein, a man who hates the white folk and America. It's a fact, so don't even try to argue with me on that point. Hussein Obama hates America and wishes to turn it into a Euro-Secular "utopia" whereby the big gov't does everything from provide subpar health care to wiping every citizen's (legal and illegal)bottom.

What's going to happen? Well, I'll tell you all what's going to happen. There will be a bloodbath in November whereby that ugly Wiccan Speaker of the House will get on her broom and fly quickly back to the secular left coast where "she" belongs. Brain damaged Harry Reid will be shipped off to a mental institution where he belongs. Where will Hussein Obama go? He will go into hiding as the new Congress comes after him for being the most un-American "leader" that ever "managed" a nation.

You September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys are going to lose so bad this November, the Honorable Speaker of the House Jonathan Boehner will personally stub his cigarettes in each and every one of your Godless faces.

So, I write on the eve of this important anniversary to remind everyone why our fighting men are fighting over there before the jihadists try to fight us over here again. We are over there to spread freedom! Freedom for all!


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D said...

Soooo... The fact the "Honourable" (of course that should be debated carefully) president Bush who KNEW of threats is not to be blamed? Really?

The person who should be watching out for your country did NOTHING to protect you and you are blaming common folk who were just living their lives...

Please tell me where you live so I can send you a list of competent therapists who are used to working with lunatics.