Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waving the white flag

So Lil Hussein was on my TV the other night saying that combat operations have ended in Iraq. Here are some basic facts that September 10th secular progressive Democrats just don't get:

1. We're safer with Saddam Hussein gone.

2. We now have access to precious oil that gets SPs (secular progressives) from their visits to the bathouses over to their expensive coffee shops where they buy $5.00 lattes. That in itself is against God and Sweet Baby Jesus - it's a fact, don't argue with me and watch what you're saying.

3. Liberals are able to engage in false drivel on the Internet because our fighting men are fighting the jihadists over there before they storm Battery Park, tackle them and try convert or simply behead them.

4. Hussein Obama's waving the white flag of surrender. Now, the entire world hates and disrespects us (who cares about France-well, I do care about their patriotic nuclear energy-the rest we can forget about). Under my president-the Honorable Pres. George W. Bush, the world respected us because that rightful administration stared down the evildoers.

5. IRAN-They have the bomb and what's Lil Hussein doing about it? Nothing! It will take the Hebrews to end that dictator's nuke dreams.

6. ECONOMY-This is all Lil Hussein's fault. I'm a broken record now, but this installed "president" wrecked this economy with his huge tax increases and outrageous health care boondoggle. Yes, I said, "boondoggle!" So many are out of work because Hussein Obama destroyed this once-free nation with his far left radical ideas.

7. We're better off with a free Iraq. During the Bubba Clinton years, the people of Iraq were under a dictator! Now, they are free because of our fighting strong men and a strong military that was built up by President George W. Bush!

This war on terror was the right thing to do and George W. Bush will go down in history as doing the right thing. In 50 years, He will be remembered as this country's best president! How do I know? Because Dennis Miller said so. Freedom will spread through the entire Middle East and Southwest Asia because of the tough choices George W. Bush made. This freedom will spread like the kudzu that is growing my aunt's backyard.

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