Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jimmah and Billy Got Us Here

How did we end up here? We ended up here because of Jimmah Carter (not my president). Jimmah couldn't stare down the Iranians who ran all over him. It wasn't until the Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan took over and immediately the jihadists went home and we then went into the longest period of economic expansion in peaceful times. It remained peaceful because the world feared us with our expanding patriotic military. That Libyan dictator thought he could stand up to us, but President Reagan stared him down! Now look-that Libyan dictator is now our friend because he couldn't handle the U.S. Then, look at that Communist Gorbachev. Reagan firmly shook his hand and said that he could take them out within minutes with his cache of patriotic nuke weapons.

Over the years there was this Saddam fella who sat on our patriotic oil. One day he decided to take over a friendly Arab country next door where we got our oil. It was President Reagan's friend the Honorable President HW Bush who stared Saddam down and took him out in weeks. Unfortunately Bubba Clinton took over and didn't pay any attention to Saddam who started a nuke program while Bubba was engaging in the sex with that Hebrew girl and other call girls. Now, we're paying the price for Bubba's many mistakes. The twin towers are down because of Bubba and so is our economy.

So, in recent memory We The People must hold Jimmah, Bubba and now Hussein Obama accountable. They are responsible for lost lives and jobs.

Here we are in 2010:

Thank the Lord for FOX News, talk radio and the Tea Party which keeps Big Gov't in check. These three branches of our society are needed now more than ever.

Under Hussein Obama, We the People now have record deficits and unemployment at levels that we have never seen before. Is Lil Hussein doing anything about the mess he got us into? NO! He's fixated on FOX News and Sean Hannity's Hummer. This is the most incompetent, arrogant, selfish "president" in history in which the media drools over.

It's high time to cut taxes and Big Gov't spending, but my Lord please keep your hands off of my Bush-era tax rates, capital gains, small business tax credits, my aunt's Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid. Also, please increase the size and scope of our churches and patriotic military.

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