Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Anti-Colonialist-in-Chief

This Dinesh D'Souza fella is a great hero of mine. He is coming out with a book that explains Hussein Obama's far left radical thinking. A little bit of the book was put in this magazine called Forbes and another hero of mine, the Honorable Speaker Newt Gingrich made some comments about the article. Both Newt and Dinesh are 100 percent correct. In the Islamist world, it’s the father’s seed that dictates the son’s character, behaviors and actions. With Hussein Obama, it is he who inherited his father’s anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views.

If any journalist out there bothered to find the truth, he would discover that this is normal in Kenya where Hussein Obama was born in the early 1960s.

Anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views were always taught in Kenya’s madrassahs (schools) in which Hussein Obama attended and then transferred over to in Indonesia.

Many accounts say that Hussein Obama’s father left him early, but true research reveals that his father was in his life as well as scores of Socialist, Communist and Marxist professors and mentors. Some of these mentors were known terrorists. Take for instance Mohammed Aktar Abdul Malik, a French-Polynesian homosexual, Communist teacher who taught over a million children in the main madrassah (where Lil Hussein really went to school) during his time in Indonesia from 1935-1983. Malik hatched a plan with Lil Hussein to one day blend into the evil West. Lil Hussein, Malik and a man by the name of Aquir Lehasha Mokhtar, one of the first al-Qaeda leaders under Usama bin Laden, raised money through several blind terror organizations to fund Lil Hussein's 30-year-plan which started with moving to Chicago and entering the Socialist schools and finally, the evil Democrat machine there. We all know the rest of the story from there. The problem is that now we have a plant at the head of our government and mark my words, the jihadist revolt will reach our shores very soon.

It’s about time that someone like Dinesh touched on this all-important fact. I look forward to the full book on this subject and perhaps, the American people will wake up and see how they were duped by Hussein Obama and his supporters.

More importantly, this is damning information that needs to be leveled against this “man” and “his” installed administration. This is what We The People mean when we say that we are taking our country back from a "man" who was only a failed weak community organizer.

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