Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jimmah and Billy Got Us Here

How did we end up here? We ended up here because of Jimmah Carter (not my president). Jimmah couldn't stare down the Iranians who ran all over him. It wasn't until the Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan took over and immediately the jihadists went home and we then went into the longest period of economic expansion in peaceful times. It remained peaceful because the world feared us with our expanding patriotic military. That Libyan dictator thought he could stand up to us, but President Reagan stared him down! Now look-that Libyan dictator is now our friend because he couldn't handle the U.S. Then, look at that Communist Gorbachev. Reagan firmly shook his hand and said that he could take them out within minutes with his cache of patriotic nuke weapons.

Over the years there was this Saddam fella who sat on our patriotic oil. One day he decided to take over a friendly Arab country next door where we got our oil. It was President Reagan's friend the Honorable President HW Bush who stared Saddam down and took him out in weeks. Unfortunately Bubba Clinton took over and didn't pay any attention to Saddam who started a nuke program while Bubba was engaging in the sex with that Hebrew girl and other call girls. Now, we're paying the price for Bubba's many mistakes. The twin towers are down because of Bubba and so is our economy.

So, in recent memory We The People must hold Jimmah, Bubba and now Hussein Obama accountable. They are responsible for lost lives and jobs.

Here we are in 2010:

Thank the Lord for FOX News, talk radio and the Tea Party which keeps Big Gov't in check. These three branches of our society are needed now more than ever.

Under Hussein Obama, We the People now have record deficits and unemployment at levels that we have never seen before. Is Lil Hussein doing anything about the mess he got us into? NO! He's fixated on FOX News and Sean Hannity's Hummer. This is the most incompetent, arrogant, selfish "president" in history in which the media drools over.

It's high time to cut taxes and Big Gov't spending, but my Lord please keep your hands off of my Bush-era tax rates, capital gains, small business tax credits, my aunt's Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid. Also, please increase the size and scope of our churches and patriotic military.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long

I first got to know about the Honorable Bishop Eddie Long by way of a trip that Roosevelt and I took to Atlanta about eight years ago. Roosevelt didn't tell me a word about where he was taking me so the whole thing was a surprise. All I remember is that when we got to the Atlanta area, Roosevelt took the wheel of my 150 and headed to this big ole new-fangled church. We went in and here was this massive hulking good looking fella with smooth dark skin who firmly gripped my hand and welcomed me into his house of worship. Before we knew it, we were in a back room in intense Bible study quoting scripture about how God and Sweet Baby Jesus fought for the traditional family unit. It started to get hot in that back room after three hours of reading and discussing so Bishop Long took off his shirt and exposed to us his massive girth. Roosevelt did the same. After they looked at each other, the Bishop and Roosevelt told me to study alone for two hours while they would discuss the scriptures just between two black men.

When they came back to the room, we talked some more about how important it is for the man to be the head of the household.
"When you tell your wife to make cheesey grits for you, you don't just ask," the Bishop said. "YOU TELL HER TO MAKE YOU CHEESEY GRITS!"
"Wow, that was powerful, Bishop," I replied.
"You can call me Daddy," the Bishop said, as he reached over to my tool belt and grabbed one of my plumber's wrenches.
"You see this here wrench," the Bishop said. "This represents the monument to the man!"
"I use that there wrench for everything," I said.
"I can tell, Bill. Now, why don't you come over here and show me how well you use that wrench," the Bishop said.
At this point, I have to cut the story off, but the main thing here is that the liberal media is unnecessarily going after the Honorable Bishop Eddie Long-a man of virtue, integrity, honor and most of all, God. You see that there picture up there with my president? It shows you that with the new Republican Congress ready to take control and Bishop Eddie Long winning his lawsuits, that the United States of America will once-again be a clean, honorable, Christ-centered nation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Anti-Colonialist-in-Chief

This Dinesh D'Souza fella is a great hero of mine. He is coming out with a book that explains Hussein Obama's far left radical thinking. A little bit of the book was put in this magazine called Forbes and another hero of mine, the Honorable Speaker Newt Gingrich made some comments about the article. Both Newt and Dinesh are 100 percent correct. In the Islamist world, it’s the father’s seed that dictates the son’s character, behaviors and actions. With Hussein Obama, it is he who inherited his father’s anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views.

If any journalist out there bothered to find the truth, he would discover that this is normal in Kenya where Hussein Obama was born in the early 1960s.

Anti-colonialist/pro-Kenyan views were always taught in Kenya’s madrassahs (schools) in which Hussein Obama attended and then transferred over to in Indonesia.

Many accounts say that Hussein Obama’s father left him early, but true research reveals that his father was in his life as well as scores of Socialist, Communist and Marxist professors and mentors. Some of these mentors were known terrorists. Take for instance Mohammed Aktar Abdul Malik, a French-Polynesian homosexual, Communist teacher who taught over a million children in the main madrassah (where Lil Hussein really went to school) during his time in Indonesia from 1935-1983. Malik hatched a plan with Lil Hussein to one day blend into the evil West. Lil Hussein, Malik and a man by the name of Aquir Lehasha Mokhtar, one of the first al-Qaeda leaders under Usama bin Laden, raised money through several blind terror organizations to fund Lil Hussein's 30-year-plan which started with moving to Chicago and entering the Socialist schools and finally, the evil Democrat machine there. We all know the rest of the story from there. The problem is that now we have a plant at the head of our government and mark my words, the jihadist revolt will reach our shores very soon.

It’s about time that someone like Dinesh touched on this all-important fact. I look forward to the full book on this subject and perhaps, the American people will wake up and see how they were duped by Hussein Obama and his supporters.

More importantly, this is damning information that needs to be leveled against this “man” and “his” installed administration. This is what We The People mean when we say that we are taking our country back from a "man" who was only a failed weak community organizer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

You dumb September 10th McFlys!

I honor this day to you dumb secular progressive liberals who on this day nine years ago, haven't changed your stupid brains. You all act as if no one stormed our airspace to perform the deadliest act on our soil. On this day only nine years ago, Saddam Hussein was plotting his heinous Godless act on us and what were you dumb liberals doing? You all were sitting on your skinny duffs drinking fine wine and coffee while the jihadists are preparing to invade us. Mark my words, this will happen again, only worse. You all haven't learned a thing since September 11th. That is why I call you September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys who support dumb Democrat candidates and incumbents. You are all a worse threat to America's freedom and survival than dictators like Hussein.

Now we have our own Hussein, a man who hates the white folk and America. It's a fact, so don't even try to argue with me on that point. Hussein Obama hates America and wishes to turn it into a Euro-Secular "utopia" whereby the big gov't does everything from provide subpar health care to wiping every citizen's (legal and illegal)bottom.

What's going to happen? Well, I'll tell you all what's going to happen. There will be a bloodbath in November whereby that ugly Wiccan Speaker of the House will get on her broom and fly quickly back to the secular left coast where "she" belongs. Brain damaged Harry Reid will be shipped off to a mental institution where he belongs. Where will Hussein Obama go? He will go into hiding as the new Congress comes after him for being the most un-American "leader" that ever "managed" a nation.

You September 10th secular progressive liberal McFlys are going to lose so bad this November, the Honorable Speaker of the House Jonathan Boehner will personally stub his cigarettes in each and every one of your Godless faces.

So, I write on the eve of this important anniversary to remind everyone why our fighting men are fighting over there before the jihadists try to fight us over here again. We are over there to spread freedom! Freedom for all!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waving the white flag

So Lil Hussein was on my TV the other night saying that combat operations have ended in Iraq. Here are some basic facts that September 10th secular progressive Democrats just don't get:

1. We're safer with Saddam Hussein gone.

2. We now have access to precious oil that gets SPs (secular progressives) from their visits to the bathouses over to their expensive coffee shops where they buy $5.00 lattes. That in itself is against God and Sweet Baby Jesus - it's a fact, don't argue with me and watch what you're saying.

3. Liberals are able to engage in false drivel on the Internet because our fighting men are fighting the jihadists over there before they storm Battery Park, tackle them and try convert or simply behead them.

4. Hussein Obama's waving the white flag of surrender. Now, the entire world hates and disrespects us (who cares about France-well, I do care about their patriotic nuclear energy-the rest we can forget about). Under my president-the Honorable Pres. George W. Bush, the world respected us because that rightful administration stared down the evildoers.

5. IRAN-They have the bomb and what's Lil Hussein doing about it? Nothing! It will take the Hebrews to end that dictator's nuke dreams.

6. ECONOMY-This is all Lil Hussein's fault. I'm a broken record now, but this installed "president" wrecked this economy with his huge tax increases and outrageous health care boondoggle. Yes, I said, "boondoggle!" So many are out of work because Hussein Obama destroyed this once-free nation with his far left radical ideas.

7. We're better off with a free Iraq. During the Bubba Clinton years, the people of Iraq were under a dictator! Now, they are free because of our fighting strong men and a strong military that was built up by President George W. Bush!

This war on terror was the right thing to do and George W. Bush will go down in history as doing the right thing. In 50 years, He will be remembered as this country's best president! How do I know? Because Dennis Miller said so. Freedom will spread through the entire Middle East and Southwest Asia because of the tough choices George W. Bush made. This freedom will spread like the kudzu that is growing my aunt's backyard.